Quick update about my new job

So the new job is going real well.  The bosses love my work ethic and my sarcasm/humor.  The one supervisor (Jeff) told the others that he missed working with me while I was in Florida with Stacy.  Today when I went in, he was there and he told me how he missed working with me and that it sucked that as soon as I got back, that he was moving to the bank in Plainfield for a couple of weeks because they need the help.

We then discussed the reasons why Thomas (the branch manager) was not having us work together on the same shifts anymore.  The reason that we came up with…we provide too much handsome at one time so we have to be split up to spread it out amongst the morning and night shifts.

After Jeff left, Thomas called me into the office to tell me how happy he is with the work that I have been doing so far and offered me some overtime this week to go work in Plainfield (Illinois not Indiana for the wrestling fans reading this) and help out.  So I think Plainfield is going to experience the “too much handsome” tomorrow night.

I work in Minooka from 7 am to 2 pm…drive to Plainfield and work from 3 pm to 8:30 pm.

I won’t get to watch football but I’ll get paid some good money.  Besides, I have already set up Stacy’s TiVo that I still have hooked up at my house to record the games.

I promise that I will post a blog on the Florida trip.  I am awaiting a picture from Stacy that was taken on the trip before I do the blog.  Look for it sometime this week as long as I’m not pulling double shifts all week.

Good day.






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