Best Christmas Eve Eve in a loooooooong time

I have to say that today did not start off on a good note at all.  The cable went out around 8 am and thus my internet went out with it due to the 50 MPH wind hitting the Morris area.  Grandma and I decided to head out to Wal-Mart for some Christmas shopping (I now own season 2 of The Office) and then to Menards for some decorations for the tree and then to Jewel for some more groceries.  I got home at 11 am and the cable/internet was still out of commission.  I called Comcast and they said that no one else in my area had reported an outage and that it could just be my house and that the earliest they could get someone here would be Thursday.  I was not happy with the cable company causing me to miss the start of the Bears game.

The cable came back on just in time for me to watch the Bears take the lead right before halftime.  I took great joy in watching Brett Favre play like shit and actually hear the announcers not suck his dick and still make him out to be the greatest ever even as he is playing like shit.  It is so enjoyable to watch the Packers get  killed in such fashion.  I actually didn’t mind the Bears hurting their draft position because a SWEEP of those suck ass jackbag Packers is well worth it.

The day got better from there as Stacy came out tonight and helped me decorate the tree.  It definitely helped put me into a holiday spirit and was fun as we clashed over how the tree should be decorated.  Stacy won on the adding more colors.



We then watched It’s A Wonderful Life.  I used to watch that 20 times each December with my mom.  I think Stacy liked it even though she was very tired.

Overall it was a great day…the family comes out around 3 for Christmas Eve and then after they leave it will be time to go over to Stacy’s parents.

So once again, Merry Christmas everyone.






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