The week in review

So let’s see what is new this week.  I went for a job interview and got hired on the spot.  I was happy about that…until I went to the training class that night.  I think it might have been a cult.  Add in the fact that I wouldn’t be paid hourly or salary but solely commission based on people buying insurance or stocks or taking out a mortgage through me, and I decided that I needed to keep looking.  I’m not about giving 500 high fives in an hour and clapping hands and dancing around to music while people teach me how to sucker my family and friends into agreeing to have a meeting and divulging all their financial information with my supervisors.  Not for me at all.

Thanksgiving was a fun time.  I spent it with Stacy and her family.  Grandma made me a meatloaf to take so I would have something that I actually like to eat.  I hate turkey.  I hate dressing.  I hate cranberries.  I hate yams/sweet potatoes.  I hate casseroles and salads that involve mushrooms, mayo and a plethora of other disgusting foods/condiments in them.  Therefore, you can see that I hate Thanksgiving because I’m limited in what I can eat due to traditions of the holiday.  Blah.

Friday, I only left the house to go in to town and help my grandma get onto and off the hospital bus that takes her to therapy.  The rest of the day I spent watching football…high school and college.  I didn’t sleep much in anticipation of Morris’ state championship game at 10 am on Saturday morning.  I got up at 6 am and Chris, his wife and I left at 7.  The drive to Champaign is about 2 hours so we stopped at the Rock n Roll McDonalds in Gibson City to break up the drive.  Lots of Morris people did the same…the place was filled.  The bathroom lines were out the doors for both men and women.  The urinal was broken in the men’s room so everyone in the line discussed the merits of turning it into Soldier Field and peeing in the sinks and trash cans to speed up the process.  It was decided that that would be a bit too uncivilized so everyone just waited.  There was a few obnoxious “courtesy flush please” and “did someone die in there?”   We loaded back up into the car and finished the journey into Champaign.

Morris was a heavy underdog and many “experts” said they would lose by 40 points and have the running clock put on them (basically the mercy rule where the clock runs continuously to end the game quickly and end the slaughter) because Metamora’s QB is going to Purdue and their TE is going to Iowa and they had someone else on offense going to a big D1 college next year.  They were averaging 500 yards of offense and 50 points a game.  Morris was winning 14-7 in the fourth quarter but three key mistakes led to a 17-14 defeat on a last second field goal.  It was a valiant effort and a tremendous season for Morris after starting the year 0-2.  It was the 9th time in the state championship for Morris…a record for a public school in Illinois.  We went to Ryans Steakhouse after the game and the buses soon showed up and there was 300 students/players from Morris and then probably about 50 fans/parents as well.  The place was packed and everyone did the traditional standing ovation for the team as they entered.  It doesn’t translate well when written down but in person it is a neat thing to experience and see.  I didn’t get to watch it, but UK then loses in 4 OTs to Tennessee 52-50.  They hadn’t beaten TN since 1984 and they haven’t beaten Florida since 1986…the two longest losing streaks in the country since Navy finally beat Notre Dame this year.  Not a good day for football for me.

Today was a long day.  Woke up early yet again.  I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since the time change.  I just keep getting up earlier and earlier.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Grandma and I burnt a bunch of leaves today.  I think I raked up about 40 trash can full loads of leaves and carried them to the fire before we had to stop due to snow.  Yep SNOW.  I hate snow.  I hate winter.  I hate cold weather.  Bears have the right idea by hibernating and sleeping through this dreadful time of the year.  Can anyone tell me the purpose of snow?  It doesn’t serve one single purpose for me.  I need to move to Hawaii.  Start sending money now so Stacy and I can move to Hawaii.  Seriously.  The Bears win an exciting game with 2 kickoff returns from Devin Hester for TDs.  Of course, that just hurts their draft position because I don’t think they can run the table and get into the playoffs.

Tomorrow is back to the job hunt.  I have been turned down by Costco.  I passed the TSA test but haven’t gotten a call from the airport to follow up on the test.  I have been turned down by 4 banks and haven’t heard back from 1.  I took a post office test.  I got the aforementioned job but decided against it.  I’m tired of this process and am ready to find something with guaranteed money already.

You can wish me luck if you want.  I need it.

Good Day.






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