Week in Review

This weekend, I went up to DeKalb and visited Stacy.  She wanted to go into Chicago and make a day of it on Saturday.  Art Galleries, modern dance concert at the Contemporary Museum of Art and the 94th Annual Lighting of the Lights on Michigan Ave and holiday parade with Mickey Mouse.  She needed to do the first two things for art assignments for her classes at NIU.  I decided that I had always missed the Redskins in the semi-finals and they always won…tradition and superstition is strong so I agreed to miss the game with no problems and have a great day with Stacy in the city.

I suggested we take the train into the city because I have never done that and thought it would be neat.  $5 round trip per person to go from Elburn to Chicago on the train.  We couldn’t make that round trip drive for $10.  Add in the crazy prices for parking, and we saved a lot of money…without having to switch our car insurance to Geico.

We got into the city and started walking.  We eventually wound our way over to Michigan Avenue after stopping at several bus stops and looking at the maps to figure out exactly where we were.  We eventually ended up on Michigan Avenue over by the Contemporary Art Museum and all the art galleries.  Damn it was crowded as hell.  It took us about 20 minutes to go a block due to all the people.  People behind us were crashing through us trying to fight their way through the crowd…”excuse me, I am trying to get through.”  I finally had enough and started yelling “So is the rest of the 5,000 of us you fucking retards!”  “Oh, we thought everyone was just standing.”  Yeah, because dumb fucks are making the people jam worse by cramming tighter and trying to fight through every inch of open space.  I couldn’t take dealing with idiots any more so we got off Michigan Avenue and hit up the art galleries.

Stacy decided to call the Museum and get the tickets for the modern dance performance that night.  SOLD OUT!  How in the hell does some artsy fartsy ridiculous modern dance performance sell out?  It must have only had like 25 tickets and family and friends of performers bought up the tickets.  That is the only way I can see it happening and I refuse to believe otherwise.  The art galleries were closing and Stacy had finally gotten enough pictures and materials for her papers.  Time for food.

Cheesecake Factory here we come.  We took our picture in front of the huge tree all light up at the Hancock Building:


We go inside the restaurant and the wait is 95 minutes for a table.  We decided that we had been outside all day anyway so we took the immediate seating outside and ate.  Pasta and cheesecake………MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.   My bowels hated my guts the next two days but at the time…MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.  Stacy and I get split up upon going for bathroom breaks and I end up wandering around and being asked by three different couples to take their picture in front of the tree.  GAH.  I finally find Stacy and we miss the parade and start heading back to the train station.  Chris calls to update me on the Redskins success and I decide that I have walked enough and we get a cab to take us the rest of the way back.  So train + cab + tip for cab driver = $19…which is still much cheaper than parking let alone gas if we had driven into the city.  I think we came out on top.

Nothing much happened on Sunday or Monday.  Today has been busy.

I got up at 7 am (second day in a row) and went to a job interview in Joliet for a financial services corporation.  If I pass the background check, I will have a job…if I want to do it.

There is no hourly pay or guaranteed salary.  I only get paid if I get people to use our financial services.  It is a part of Citibank so at least it is a reputable company.  I don’t know if I like the fact that there isn’t a guaranteed salary but I’ve been rejected by so many places of late that I don’t know if I should turn it down.  I can always take it and keep looking for other things and if I don’t like it and things aren’t going well, I can switch over to something else that comes along.

I’m going to leave you with two great pics that Nick Maniwa made for me yesterday.  They are rip offs of famous Andre The Giant pics.  I really really really like the posse picture.  Awesome work bro.








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