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The birthday blog

Because I know that all of you are dying to see what I did the last few days in celebration of my birthday, here is the birthday blog.  First, kudos to all that left comments and sent messages.  It was much more than I was anticipating.  Even more kudos and love goes out to those that followed my request and sent $10 for a gift or did other things for the birthday.  Thanks go out to Ian, BMWOS, Brent Blades, Ray, Bourbon Jimbo and Frank & Bobby for sending money.  Thanks to Sox for dinner.  If I missed anyone, I apologize.

Stacy had big plans for making me dinner and getting me a pumpkin pie from Baker’s Square since I am a big fan.  I joined Stacy out at Wal-Mart to do the shopping for my birthday feast.  I then went for supper at her parents’ house.  We had spaghetti for supper and pumpkin pie for dessert.  I opened my gifts…a great silver chain to replace the old Wal-Mart special that I used to have and wear until it broke.  I also got this kick ass window cling of Snoopy as the Ace World War I fighter pilot.  That is in the back window of the Malibu now.  Of course, the humor highlight of the night was Stacy’s dad getting me a Happy Birthday balloon…with Seseame Street characters on it.  Here are pictures from the festivities.

Yeah I’m a happy guy on my birthday…

Yes we are evil if you just look at our eyes…

Let the jokes start rolling in about how I blow…

Friday I didn’t even leave the house.  I was in lazy mode.  However, I did get the leaky drippy Chinese Water Torture enducing water softener fixed on Friday so I consider it a successful day.

Saturday was just an awesome day.  I woke up early (7:30 am) because I was going to meet Stacy at an oasis at the halfway point to Navy Pier.  There was a travel expo going on at the Pier and Stanley from The Office was there.  I wanted to do something nice for my little bro Maniwa since he is obsessed with The Office.  I met Stacy and away we went to the Pier.  We ate at Riva’s before going to the Expo.  It was an alright restaurant.  Their cheeseburger was very good.  The fries…not so good.  The waitress brought the check and I paid with credit card.  When I got the credit card slip back, there was a line for tip and then a line entitled “additional.”  What the fuck is that?  What additional?  There is cost of the meal, tax and tip.  That’s it.  I asked Stacy if they were offering a reach around and that is what was “additional.”  She said she didn’t know.  So in smart ass fashion, I wrote “what the deuce?” on the “additional” line as I was channeling Stewie of Family Guy.


We then go up to the Expo and walk around and get a free Bears blanket while waiting for the autograph signing to start.  We then get in line and have to wait about an hour to meet Stanley.  It was well worth the wait as I had fun spending time with Stacy that wasn’t originally on the docket and I got to make Nick Maniwa a happy man.




As we were leaving, I told Stacy that I should have made a sign that said “DYN-O-MITE” and asked Stanley to hold it up to see what kind of sense of humor he had.  We then spent about 10 minutes coming up with other famous slogans said by black people on sitcoms that we could have “mistaken” him for and decided that “Weezy” would have been best since he looks most like George Jefferson.

It was then time to drop Stacy off and hustle back to Morris to go watch the beloved Morris Redskins play in the Class 5A Quarterfinals vs. Belvidere Bucs.  I got home with enough time to change into my Morris Redskins gear.  I was wearing a University of Kentucky football jersey during the day because UK was playing as well.  UK won.  Anyway, I sent Maniwa the pictures and changed into my Redskins hoodie and jacket and took off for the game.  I staked out my claim to the front of the fenceline and talked with some of the guys around me about the other playoff games of the day and got ready for the big game.  Chris finally made his way into the stadium and it was time to play.

Morris got off to an early 6-0 lead with an easy touchdown real quick but the extra point was blocked.  It was a much better start than the last time and only other time that Morris played Belvidere.  Belvidere won that one 28-0 in the Class 4A state championship game in 1994…the year after I graduated.  Anyway, Belvidere marched right back and tied up the game…their two point conversion failed.  Morris came right back and got another touchdown and two point conversion to go up 14-6.  We have a lull in scoring for awhile until Morris throws an interception on their own 7 yard line and Belvidere gets an easy touchdown two plays later but misses the 2 point conversion to pull within 14-12.  Morris scores again right before the half but misses the extra point kick again so half time score is 20-12 and Chris and I are confident that since we get the ball that we can put the game away quickly in the second half.  In the immortal words of Lee Corso from ESPN “not so fast my friend.”

Morris comes out flat to start the second half and does nothing.  Belividere marches right down the field and gets a touchdown and makes the 2 point conversion to tie it at 20.  Morris responds though and marches right back down the field and retakes the lead.  Fans scream to go for two since kicking isn’t working.  They try to kick it and it gets blocked…again.   Morris 26 -20.  Defenses hold for awhile and then half way through the 4th Quarter, Belvidere breaks a 42 yard touchdown run on 4th and 2 and kicks the extra point to go up 27-26.  The fans on both sides are going crazy trying to will their teams on to victory.  Morris proceeds to systematically run them over and go down the field and score the go ahead touchdown but fail on the 2 pt conversion to lead 32-27.  There is only 1:18 left on the clock and the defense holds and Morris wins the game.

I’m very glad that they won.  Belvidere ran their mouths all week about how they were a 7A team that was playing in 5A and they were going to win with ease.  The dumbasses didn’t think about the fact that all we played all year were 7A and 8A teams so they got it shoved up their ass.  Good.  We have won state championships in Class 3A, 4A and 6A.  It would be nice to get one in 5A.  Tough game next week against a Catholic school but it is in Morris thank God.  I have a post office test and a job fair to go to next Friday and then IWA in Plainfield, Indiana.  So hopefully the game isn’t on Friday next week.  However, Stacy wants to go to Chicago and watch the lighting of the lights on the Magnificent Mile.  So hopefully, the game is sometime on Saturday that doesn’t coincide with that…but won’t know when the game is until tomorrow or Monday.

Then if they win next week, they play for the elusive 5A championship (2 runner ups but no title in 5A) the day of Strong Style Tournament.  Hopefully there are no fly ins that morning so I can catch that 10 am game and then head to Chicago and pick up whomever at the airport.  Hopefully it is a problem I even have to worry about.

Well that ends the birthday week festivities.  Tomorrow will be lounging around and watching some of the Bears and having dinner with Stacy and her parents.

Good Day.






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