My 10 year annivesary of being in IWA Mid-South

If you had told me 20 years ago when I was on the eve of turning 11 and the biggest wrestling fan in the world, that today would be my 10 year anniversary of being officially active in wrestling, I would have thought you were a bold faced liar.

However, here we are.  Tonight will mark 10 years being active helping out at IWA Mid-South.  November 7, 1997.  Lexington, Kentucky.  I started off as a security guard as my two college friends Les Johns & Ben Rich had financial stake in the show.  I helped set up and then did security on the show.  On that show, Bull Pain beat the living shit out of me.  I was not paying attention and he let me know that whenever Bull Pain is around, you need 10 eyes and always need to pay attention.  Out of nowhere, after his match, he grabbed me and picked me up and suplexed me on the floor of the Lexington National Guard Armory.  I was in intense pain and wondering why all of a sudden it was breezy as a mofo in that armory.  I had a blue jean blowout and my pants were split all the way up the side.  It wasn’t the last time that Bull would cause me to have a blowout in my jeans.  He suplexed me several more times on the floor as a security guard and each damn time…my jeans were dead.

I have a lot of fond memories of being in the wrestling business and met a lot of great people and several of my favorites from when I was growing up.  I know that my dad looks down from heaven from time and time and says “you lucky son of a bitch” as I am hanging out with people that we watched together on television.  It is a shame that I have let a few people kill off that enjoyment and destroy wrestling for me.  It is a shame that there are wrestling fans out there that love what is spoon fed to them by Vince McMahon that is just horrible crappy pathetic wrestling.  It is a shame that none of the above will change.  My undying love and devotion to wrestling will never come back.  Vince McMahon won’t stop putting out bullshit as long as people are there spending money on it.  Disloyal asshole whores for wrestlers will still be aplentiful in the business.

Everyday when I wake up, a part me wonders what else is out there in this world outside of wrestling to try to make a living at.  I’ve been rejected by several jobs these last few months and well one just keeps dragging its feet to the point where I have to go out and try to find something just in case the other never stops dragging its feet.  Then there is the other part of me that can’t let go.  The part of me that doesn’t want to admit failure and give up.  The part of me that doesn’t want to give the satisfaction to my enemies to let them know that they got the best of me and destroyed what I loved.  The part of me that is like a woman that won’t leave the boyfriend/husband that beats the shit out of her.  Its just hard to walk away from something that you have invested 10 years of your blood, sweat, tears and money into when the work is left undone.

There will come a time when it will come to an end.  I don’t know when.  I don’t know how.  But for now, I will just be thankful to Ian and Patti for all the good that has come from allowing me to be part of their family for the last 10 years.

I couldn’t possibly remember off the top of my head all the great times and memories and fun.  I can list the friends that I have made and hung out with over the years because of wrestling because it is a very short list.  Ian, Patti, Nick Maniwa, Mickie Knuckles, Danny Trahan, Mitch Page, Bull Pain, The Mayor, Brent Blades, Ben Neal, Sox, Marc Fusion, Ray.  Then from times of living with Ian at the same time as Mark Wolf, Chris Hero, Corporal Robinson and Necro.

What I will allow for here, is for the readers of this blog to mention some of their favorite memories from the 10 years I’ve been doing this stuff.  What were the things you saw in person or on tape/DVD that entertained you and made you a fan.  I would be interested to see what some of the things listed are.

I have to go and babysit my Grandma Do so she doesn’t fall and hurt herself while my Aunt Sharon goes to another doctor’s appointment.

Leave me some blog comments for me to read when I get back home later tonight.

Good day.






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