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1.  There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that my family directly evolved from giant lizards no matter what pictures you may see:


2.  While my grandma may get on my last nerve and we may give each other as much shit as possible in quite an entertaining way, I don’t know what I’d do without her and all the things she has done for me over the years:

images gone 🙁

3.  If I could take a time machine and go back to any point in my life, it would be to the following timeframe.  Even though dad was already in a wheelchair, mom hadn’t gotten sick yet and things were going pretty good all things considered:


4.  I didn’t want to make anyone roll their eyes so I saved this for 4.  Stacy is the love of my life and the reason why I am happy in life right now.


5.  James Christopher is quite an inspiration to me.  I want to be a better person so I can be a good role model for my Godson.  He has already fought through heart surgery and a second heart procedure.  He is smarter than he has any right being.  He is my little buddy.





6.  My first 6 months in the wrestling business (I’ll hit 10 years tomorrow), Bull Pain suplexed me on the floor a total of 4 times and then inside the cage at April Blood Showers in 1998, he gave me an in ring introduction to being destroyed with a power bomb.  All four suplexes on the floor and the powerbomb in the cage resulted in me having a blowout in my jeans.  Just look for proof:


Thankfully Bull and I eventually became friends or I might not have made it 10 years.


7.  In my two days shy of 31 years on Earth, I have only had two girlfriends and went out on a couple of dates with another girl but it didn’t amount to anything.  Other than Stacy, the only other one was Shaina:


8.  I’m lucky to have two great friends like Ian and Mickie that have been there for the ups and downs.  I have put a lot of miles in traveling with these two.  Much more with Ian than Mickie but they have all led to great memories and fun times.

image gone

9.  I have a great little brother even though I don’t have any siblings.  Nick Maniwa is the best little brother I could have hoped for and hell the fun we have had.  I wish I knew what happened to my Jimmy Jamm hat 🙁

image gone

10.  Since I don’t see myself really managing anybody in the forseeable future if ever again and since I never really officially managed BJ over the summer just yelling stuff from commentary or getting involved while ring announcing, KOTDM 2007 may have been the last match for Mitch Page and the last official managerial appearance by me.  Mean Mitch Page is a great guy and a great friend.


So I ran out of random stuff towards the end and just felt like giving kudos to friends.  Sue me.

I tag the following to do this and will try to not tag anyone Maniwa did:

1.  th_ray  Ray – because he does a lot of entertaining surveys

2.  image gone Brent – because he does a lot of surveys

3.  image gone  Julie – because she does a lot of surveys

4.  image gone Sox – because I don’t want him to feel left out and cry about it

5.  image gone T.J. – because she does surveys

6.  image gone  Nena – because she likes to do surveys

7.  image gone  Pete – because he does surveys

8.  mickie  Mickie – because I’m running out of people

9.  image gone Karen – because she does a lot of surveys

10.  image gone  Talon – because I’ve been stealing a lot of surveys from him of late






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