The Good, The Bad & The Ugly since Thursday

Lets give a recap of events from Thursday until now, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Style.


The Good:  Go to Chicago with Stacy, go to Musuem of Science and Industry to see the Star Wars exhibit, Go to Giordano’s Pizza, just spending time with Stacy

The Bad:  Had to go to the University of Chicago Hospital first for Stacy to do her blood work, The Museum was closed by the time we walked over there (who the hell ever heard of a tourist attraction closing at 4 pm?!?!?!?!), having to drive Stacy back to DeKalb and then drive home to Morris (I wanted more time with Stacy).

The Ugly:  My stomach’s reaction to walking 1 1/2 miles back to the hospital from the Giordano’s that night.

Good, Bad and Ugly for Friday:

The Good:  I got to see my Aunt Sharon and my grandma, I ended up making it to Plainfield on time for the IWA show, I got to hang out with some friends, Boy Meets World on Steroids gave me his $10 for the plea for birthday money blog, Morris Redskins won easily in first round of the playoffs, Double Death was a kick ass tournament

The Bad:  I had to take my Aunt Sharon to her doctor’s in Chicago and she will have to undergo 5 treatments a week for 5 weeks to try to get rid of the cancer, It rained almost the entire drive to Indianapolis

The Ugly:  IMG_0065


The Good:  Sleep in, Cracker Barrel, Goofy pictures being taken, commentary with Ian, Women beating the fuck out of each other, Picking on Sox, Kick Ass tournament

The Bad:  News about Delilah’s son being in bad shape, Mickie losing, UK got destroyed by Mississippi State

The Ugly:  IMG_0065

Well I guess that should get everyone up to speed.

My birthday is even closer and we have Boy Meets World on Steroids, Ian and one other fan that has sent me money via paypal for my birthday present of helping me pay bills.  You can still get involved in this worthy cause by sending the paypal payment to

Good Day.






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