This is not shaping up to be a very good week.  My other grandma was put into a nursing home yesterday.  She was in the hospital for about a week and then put into the home yesterday.  She can’t walk on her own anymore.  She has repeatedly fallen and well there is no one to take care of her really anymore.  My aunt lives with her but she can’t do it anymore.  She has several health issues and now breast cancer has been added to that list.  She goes to the doctor tomorrow to find out what they are going to do surgery wise/treatment wise for it.

I have promised her that I will take her and her son to the hospital the day that she gets whatever surgical procedure done…probably sometime next week so she assumes.

I went to visit my grandma at the nursing home today.  It was such a depressing visit.  She was talking about making out her will and asking me what I would like for her to leave me since she doesn’t really have much.  She asked if she could give me back some of the porcelain cardinals that I have bought her over the years since she collects them.  I couldn’t take too much of that conversation and I couldn’t successfully change the subject.  I asked her if she needed anything and she asked for headphones for her walkman and some peanut butter crackers.  I left and went to Wal-Mart and got those things for her and will take them to her tomorrow.

I have a computer test that I take for a TSA job next Wednesday.  Boy do I need that to go well.  I put in for a job at Costco and got rejected.  I’ve put in applications at three banks here in town and haven’t heard a peep.  I’ve filled out for a couple of positions at the post office and they are supposed to send me information for the time and location of the test I’m going to have to take for that.  All I know is that I should have done this a few months ago instead of waiting until the last minute where I need the extra money to pay the bills.  Boo to me for waiting too long.  I hope and  pray that the TSA thing pans out because that would be some good money.

Tonight I have dinner with Stacy so that will boost my spirits a whole lot.  An UK victory over South Carolina tonight and a Cubs victory to even their playoff series would be very nice as well.

Let’s hope that something goes well this week.

Good day.






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