The damn Necro Butcher + Kings of Extreme + no sleep = 1 long ass weekend

I got up and left DeKalb at 8:00 am on Friday morning and made a stop by my house in Morris to pack, clean up and head out to Indianapolis for the beginning of the Kings of Extreme triple shot weekend.  Let the fun begin.

I got to Indianapolis and said my hellos and then started making the runs with Ian to Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart.  Every damn television in Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club was playing the DVD of the Super Bowl win by the Colts.  Fucking bad memories.  Real bad memories.  Then it is time for me to go pick up Roderick and Davey from the airport and make it back to the building for the show.

I thought the show was excellent.  I did the ring announcing and live results on the message board but stayed off of commentary except for one little rant.  It is always awesome to see Tracy at a show as he had to tell his entourage about how I’m the “toughest damn ring announcer in the business” (sometimes it is “captivity” but Friday night was just “business.”)  Tracy was in rare form and then when Nate Webb hit him with that green chair…it was like Tracy stepped into a time machine and set it on 1997.  The fight was on and he was throwing Nate Webb around like a rag doll all over the floor.  Then Nate tried to hit him in the head with one of the extra heavy duty green chairs of doom and Tracy went psycho and gored him on the floor.  Tracy was “fighting for my (his) life” out there and I don’t think anyone could question whether Tracy could still go or not.  Davey vs. Ian was off the charts mat wrestling/submission style goodness.  I always have a great time ring announcing for B.J. and his match vs. Devon Moore was pretty good.  I didn’t really step in and do any managing but I did cheer B.J. on from ringside during that one.  Just a real good show from top to bottom.  We got some cleanup done and got out of the building around 1 am I believe.

We went up to the hotel and tried to figure out how to determine who would be in what room.  Ian named me the captain of the “fuddy duddy room” and I took the ones that didn’t want to party.  Davey Richards, Youth Suicide, Mike Miller and myself were stationed in the “fuddy duddy” room.  Mike Miller went to the party room and I checked the message boards and such before trying to go to bed.  Davey was flipping through the channels and found a real gem on American Movie Classics…”House 2.”   I thought Joey had done the worst thing in the world to me when he suggested watching “Labrynth” but this movie was even more horrible than that.  I would have loved being present when the writers came up with the idea behind this movie and presented it to a movie studio that actually agreed to make it so I could punch them all in the face and stomp on their throats when they hit the ground.  Horrible movie but like a bad train wreck, I had to watch.  I think it ended up going off around 2:30.  I turned the television off since I was the only one still up and tossed and turned knowing that Mike Miller would be entering the room at some point and then I would have to be up at 5:30 am to take Davey to the airport so he could fly to LA.  I fell asleep around 4:15 and woke up when Mike Miller returned to the “fuddy duddy” room at 4:30.  He obviously didn’t belong in the “fuddy duddy room” and it will be noted during the next draft!  5:30 rolled around and time to take Davey to the airport.  6 AM – breakfast at McDonalds since I hadn’t eaten since 11 am the day before.  Back to the “fuddy duddy” room at 6:30…check the boards on the internet until 7…go back to sleep.  Mike Miller’s alarm goes off at 8 am and I’m up, showered and back onto the internet waiting for Saturday to start.

Hectic day for Kings of Extreme.  Very hectic and only about 75 minutes of sleep to get me through it.  Several runs to Wal-Mart as we periodically remember things that are needed.  Runs to Home Depot for wood, scaffold and duct tape.  Runs to Sam’s Club for concessions.  Run to the airport to get Necro.  Back to Wal-Mart for more things that end up being needed to make weapons work.  The show was outstanding.  I did live results on the board.  No live commentary so we have to get with Big Vision and make a decision on how the commentary will be done and by whom.  Then the fun of cleaning up.  Many fans stayed to help which was much appreciated and rewarded in IWA merchandise.  The real bitch though was putting the padded squares volleyball court back down.  I left at 3 am to go pay for Davey & BJ’s hotel room and the floor still wasn’t done.  I got to the Steak N Shake and waited and waited and waited for the rest of the crew to show up.  4 am and they show up.  Then I take Youth Suicide to the airport and we start caravaning back to Louisville around 6 am.  Vince is driving, Mickie is driving, I’m driving, new student is riding his motorcycle in the rear of the caravan.  I would doze off and hit the rumble strips and wake up and see that I was a mile behind and speed up.  I would catch up as Vince fell asleep and swerved to the rumble strips to wake up.  Mickie got so sick of the 75 mph to 50 mph that she took off and left us.  Vince and I would alternate falling asleep and swerving off the road.  We stopped a couple of times to use bathroom and just throw water into our face to try to wake up.  We finally made it back to Louisville and Ian’s at 8:40 am.  BLAH.

Asleep at 9 and awake at 11.  Two hours of sleep = a thing of beauty but not nearly enough beauty…think Miss Congenialty.  We start to Sellersburg in the rain.  We get onto the interstate and go a couple of miles and then parking lot on the expressway.  An hour later, Ian calls and says “I cancelled the show” since they still hadn’t gotten to the building either.  Then he calls to tell me that there is as many cops at the bridge to Indiana as there were chasing the Blues Brothers at the end of the first movie.  That is a lot of fucking cops.  Mickie wakes up and tells me the quick back route and we take the Muhamed Ali Blvd exit and wind through downtown to cross the bridge.  We get to the building (after a quick stop at Dairy Queen) and mingle with fans and such until 4:30.  Ian tells me about the dead body they saw in the middle of the road from the accident that blocked traffic.  Thankfully it wasn’t one of us from being so tired.  It very easily could have been the way Vince and I were driving the night before.

Necro Butcher loves the San Diego Chargers.  I love the Bears.  The Chargers whipped the Bears.  A ton of the guys were over at Ian’s after we left the bowling alley and I must have heard Necro tell me the score of the game at least 100 times.  Each time I would tell him that he wouldn’t have a ride from the airport the next time he comes in to IWA.  Then James Christopher goes over to J.C. Bailey and Necro starts yelling at me that I’m doing a horrible job of watching my godson if I am letting him associate with known felons.  I try not to laugh but couldn’t help it.  I pick up James Christopher and go into another room with him to keep him away from the bad influence…NECRO.

Necro then tells me about how George Bush screwed up the war in Iraq.  This is how the Necro Butcher would have “booked” the start of the war.

There were several Saddam Hussein impersonators out there when the war began.  Necro felt that they should have gotten one of them and brought him to DC to do a peace treaty signing with George Bush.  Then at the signing the fake Hussein would then throw a fireball at Bush and hit him in the face.  The next day, a burned (hey you gotta take one for the team maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan) George Bush would show his scarred face and ask the people of the United States to support him as we go to war with Iraq.  “He’d be the ultimate babyface and no one would have blamed him for going to war.  He blew it big time man.”

Necro Butcher is an idiot.  Funny as hell…but an idiot nonetheless.

I finally went to bed around 2 am on Sunday night/Monday morning and by God it was glorious.  I woke up at 8 am but my body told me that there was no one it was going to allow me to drive back to Morris with that amount of sleep.  So I slept another 3 hours and then left.

Now I’ll be leaving for DeKalb in a couple of hours in order to see Stacy.  Chicago tomorrow for a long day of hospital appointments and then Mexican food for supper because Stacy thinks she’ll deserve it after what she has to go through tomorrow.  Eduardo’s it is!

Well ladies and gents…that is another fabulous weekend in the wrestling business in the books.  Doesn’t it make you all jealous?






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