Morris is washing away

I came to DeKalb yesterday before the power was restored at home.  Electricity ended up being out for 21 hours!!!

Storms galore hit the area…both Morris & DeKalb.

Grandma just called me to tell me that Morris is getting washed away.

They are evacuating the high school, hospital and nursing home due to flooding.  Roads are flooded everywhere.  My Aunt Sharon called the house looking for me because they are looking for extra helpers to help with the sandbag efforts to stop the flooding.

The football game has been postponed until at least tomorrow night.  Stacy and I have already made plans for tomorrow night.  I’m out of town the next two weekends so now I may not be able to see the beloved Morris Redskins play until week 4.  Half the damn the season will be over!!!!

Damn Mother Nature!!!!






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