Extreme Heaven & Hardcore Hell weekend

I think this weekend finally hit me as to the fact that I am getting way too old for this stuff.  I just slept for 11 hours last night with the help of 2 tylenol pm pills.  I have to fight to get myself to sleep for 7 hours and then I had to fight myself to wake up after 11 hours this morning.  I was in bed and asleep by 9:30 last night.  Anyway, for some interesting stories on the weekend.

My weekend started early when I had to go pick up the Butcher from Midway on Friday night.  He was supposed to land at 6:15 according to the little computer monitor on the wall.  I walked into the airport at 6:20 and it read “on time” for his flight.  I waited.  I waited.  I waited some more.  His flight was listed on the baggage claim but no suitcases were on the belt.  I waited.  The flight disappeared from the computer monitor and then from the baggage claim.  I went outside…no Butcher.  I went to the baggage claim customer service area and asked about the flight and the lady said “oh it was late, it just landed 10 minutes ago.”  Why then did it read “on time” for 45 minutes?  Why was it listed on the baggage claim for 45 minutes?  Who runs those damn computers?  This happens every damn time I go to pick someone up from the airport.  I don’t even know why they bother having the fucking monitors up if they are never correct.  Anywho.

I finally locate the Butcher and we go to Giordano’s to grab a pizza before heading back to my house.  Butcher has a way of telling everyone at the show that I won’t allow him to eat when he travels with me and rubs his stomach and yells “I’m hungry Jim Fannin” for an hour straight at me…at least that is what he did at Midlo last week.  So I immediately take him to Giordano’s and he eats.  We head back to my house and I go to my bedroom around 11 and Butcher stays up.  Butcher is still up at 2 am when I get a drink and finally go to bed for the night.  He is still up at 9 am when I get up.  “Don’t worry Jim Fannin, I’m a professional.”  We load up the car and get ready to leave and he goes “you will be stopping for food right?  I’ve been hungry for a couple of hours now.”  So we take off and Butcher passes out in the front seat even quicker than Ian Rotten falls asleep in a moving car.  I stop 20 miles down the road at a Burger King but Butcher decides that he would rather sleep than eat.  I stop 2 hours later for gas at a place that has an Arby’s attached to it and wake up Butcher and again he passes on getting anything to eat.  We get to the building and the first thing that the bastard does is rub his stomach and tell everyone that I didn’t let him eat.

So I spend most of my time at the show doing commentary, ring announcing, typing live results and taking some photos to put on the net with the live results and with playing with James Christopher.  That kid is getting so smart.  He knows that it takes keys to open a door and he kept trying to open a door in the concession area that is locked:


He makes an awesome squinty picture face but he was being uncooperative so you’ll have to see Maniwa do the picture face and then imagine James Christopher doing it:


The highlight of the show for me other than making Ian Rotten have to say “those opinions are Jim Fannin’s and Jim Fannin’s alone” about 10 times on commentary was teaming up with B.J. Whitmer again and causing Chuck Taylor to lose but unfortunately it wasn’t for the heavyweight title but the time is coming.

After the show was over I had to take the Philly guys with me and drive them to their car because they had a flat tire for the second time on the trip about 10 miles from the building.  A State Policeman drove them to the show.  The donut from Patti’s car wouldn’t work so we had to leave their car there and I drove them to Ian’s.  Z barr wouldn’t go into the house.  He stayed outside.  Then Patti returns home from dropping Vince Jones off and asks why Z Barr was walking by the McDonalds.  They call him and he says something about needing to be by himself and he is looking for a hotel.  Whatever.  Morning comes and we find out that he walked to the airport and flew home.  Yep he left his buddies stranded with a flat tire and flew home.  They said it was my fault because I was making fun of him and hurt his feelings.  I’ll gladly take the credit for that.  I’m more than happy to take the credit for that.

So what did we learn from that ordeal?  That this is your brain on Z Barr


So we go to the Alley Cats to start getting ready for the show and I take Ian to go get some tables when he gets a phone call…”he did what?  what a stupid motherfucker.”  That is never good to hear.  Well it appears that one of the wrestlers who shall remain nameless so that the stupidity can be hidden so we’ll call him Sgt. Robertson, decided to jump onto the windshield of one of the other wrestlers cars and shatter it and then they took back off and left them all stranded 90 miles from Sellersburg.  The Butcher claims that it must have been payback for taking the mattresses, chairs, and tables in the hotel room and piling them in front of the bathroom as they were leaving and trapping Sarge in the latrine.

So I have to drive up to Indianapolis and get Butcher, Dys and Ben and drive them to the show.  By the time I get to them and we get back, half the show is over.  What did we learn from this ordeal?   That this is your windshield with Sarge on drugs…


Lots of cleaning up of glass and weaponry and we get out of there awfully late.  Everyone crashes at Ian’s and then it is Monday.

James Christopher called me “Uncle Jimmy” three times.  He also gave me a big hug.  Enough to melt the heart of the coldest of cold I tell you.  Weekend couldn’t have gotten any better for me then that right there.

It was then time to come back home.

Long weekend but it had many memorable events that is for sure.

Luckily there is a few weeks off to recover.

Good day.






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