Is Sox on the fast track to becoming the next Ron Jeremy?

Stacy rented The Legend of Ron Jeremy dvd from Blockbuster the other day and we watched it.

Stacy and I both were freaked out by the similarities between Sox and Ron Jeremy.

1) Both are Jewish and hairy
2) Ron Jeremy got a bachelor’s degree in theater before deciding that he couldn’t make a living on doing his Off Off Broadway stuff and then got a teaching degree
3) Ron Jeremy said that he was a special education/troubled kids teacher before getting into porn
4) Both crave attention and fame
5) Ron’s dad didn’t want him using the family name so he went with an alias and Sox’s family must not want him using the family name either and that is why he always goes by Sox.

Ron Jeremy then says at least twice in the documentary that anybody can do porn now since the invention of Viagra.

So look for Sox in a porno movie soon.

The parellels are frightening.

Good Day.






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