What a week

This past weekend was the King of the Death Matches.  I didn’t know what to think going into the weekend.  I was very soured on wrestling…the shit talking going on by the “fans” on multiple boards about the changes to the Philly show and knowing that this was going to the swan song for Mean & Hard. Add in all the disloyalty among the boys and the fact that it seemed like all the sacrifices and debt weren’t appreciated by the fans or by the wrestlers so why bother?  99% of me wished that I could be announcing my retirement and walking away with Mitch at the end of night two.  My loyalty to Ian is the only thing that kept that 1% winning out in the end.

I arrived to the building much later than I should have since it took almost 6 hours to make the drive to Indianapolis due to cocklicking jackbag semitruck drivers.  5 lanes of semis on 80/294/94 before I could get onto 65.  All going slow as hell.  Cops seriously need to pull these fuckers out of their trucks and cattleprod them if they get out of the first two right hand lanes.  It shouldn’t take me 3 hours to get to 65.  It should take 90 minutes tops even with bad traffic.  Then add in the 10 semis that felt the need to get into the passing lane in the 45 minutes between Lafayette and Indy and then slam on their brakes and do 40 mph in the passing lane…and well they should all be put in jail for being assholes.

Anyway, I arrive at the building and get ready for the show.  I end up doing ring announcing the whole night, commentary on 2 matches and selling gimmicks the whole night as well.  Busy times.  The highlight of the night was the fact that I got my first ever (God)Father’s Day present.  James Christopher gave me a couple of kick ass books:

image gone

Denny’s afterwards was actually fun.  I actually enjoyed hanging with everyone and just shooting the shit.

Saturday was a pretty good day as well.  The Q & A was fun.  It was the first time that I ever actually sat on the panel and I answered a few questions.  Fun times as I sat next to Mitch and we just acted stupid the whole time.  Rollin, Mitch and I then went to Golden Corral to grab some food.  More great times.  I then swung over to the hotel across the street and picked up Low Ki.  Mitch was doing his usual comedy and cracking us up and even had Low Ki laughing.  Mitch Page is a trip and a half and always a joy to be around.

Saturday night, I just sold gimmicks and managed Mean and Hard.  Jill McKee took a couple of pictures for us…here is the last ride of Mean & Hard:

image gone


When I got home and uploaded the pictures off my camera, I had a gift from Mitch.  I don’t know when he got ahold of my camera but here it was:

image gone

I almost cried during the retirement farewell speeches after the match.  Mitch and I started out together…it would have been perfect to go out together but the timing just wasn’t right.

Sunday was the drive home and dinner with Stacy and her parents and watching Deja Vu.  Horrible movie.  Absolutely horrible movie.

I am not going to the show in Philly.  Several reasons really…namely, it isn’t worth the 12 hour drive one way to go out there for a large group of fans that don’t want  me there.

I will now shortly touch on the hot topic on everyone’s mind.

I don’t know what to say about the Benoit thing.  I had put up a picture of me and him as my myspace default pic yesterday after hearing that he had passed.  I have replaced it with the Mean & Hard farewell picture.  I just didn’t think I should keep up the photo in light of the information of everything that happened.

I won’t condemn him because I don’t know what his reasons were.  I don’t even know if I could accept any reason for it.  I also know though that it isn’t my place to judge him.  I wasn’t in his shoes and I don’t know what all was going on that could push him to take such drastic actions if it is indeed all true.

I had met Chris once and was impressed by his kindness and respect shown to me.  I don’t think this should cloud anyone’s judgment of Chris the wrestler.  He was one of the best.  I don’t know Chris the man well enough to comment on that.

It is times like these that I wish the internet didn’t exist.  I shouldn’t know what happened.  No one should know what happened except for close personal friends and family.  It isn’t my business and I don’t think it should be broadcast around the world.  It is news that he and his family are dead.  The reasons behind it, I wish I didn’t know.

I guess I am done rambling.  I’m still just in shock.  I watched RAW for the first time in forever last night to watch the tribute…that is how much respect I had for how great of a worker that Benoit was.  Everything else just makes me sick to think about right now.

I wish I could say good day but it isn’t.






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