I’m going to take you down…take you down to Chinatown

I had to take Stacy up to Chicago for her monthly blood work earlier this week.  After we left the University of Chicago hospital, we decided that we would go to Funkytown…I mean Chinatown.  Neither of us had been there before so it was going to be a fun unique experience.   We took a wrong turn and needed to U turn to get back on track but we made it.  We parked in the China Market parking lot and started to walk around.

We ended up going into what must have been the sleazy end of Chinatown first.   The first thing we come across is a market area that has statues for all the Chinese New Year animals and a couple of other statues.  Here are the pictures from that:




Stacy and I are both year of the Dragon and thus the reasons for the pictures with the Dragon statue.

image gone

So I have a short temper and big mouth but am gentle and a soft hearted perfectionist.  Wow…that is good.

We then started going into this little shops and there was Chinese porn everywhere…again I think we were in the sleazy part of town.  The first store we went into had a rack of porn DVDs just sitting out in the open for anyone to look at so I had to take a picture.

image gone

Then in one of the rows they had this box of whatever the hell it is…Deer Tail Extract:

image gone

From that picture on the box, it must be some kind of Chinese Viagra or something.

We then started walking around some more and kept running across these signs:

image gone

We then stumbled across the fancy part of Chinatown.  These stores were loaded with awesome trinkets that I could have dropped a ton of money on.  Vases, swords, you name it and they had it at low prices.  I took a picture to remember the good end of town:

image gone

We then got tired, the hospital sapped us of our energy so we took off and went to eat at Cheddar’s in Bolingbrook before getting back to Morris.

We I hope you enjoyed being taken down to Chinatown.

That is all.






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