2003 King of the Death Matches flashback

I will always remember the fun of King of the Death Matches 2003 no matter what happens in the future.  I am having this flashback due to the kindness of Nick Maniwa to go picture hunting and coming up with a couple of good pictures and because this year’s KOTDM is right around the corner.

The big buildup for KOTDM 2003 for me anyway was the fact that I was going to wrestle Bull Pain.  Until the whole Jimmy Jacobs being a fuck up and a pile of shit escapade, Bull Pain and I had never been on the same side.  Bull didn’t like me and I was quite frankly scared to death of Bull.

Even though I was scared of Bull, I never allowed him to disrespect me and I was office and I was more than willing to tell him what to do and face the music…if he could catch me.  I may be big.  I may be out of shape.  But by God, I can run like the wind when Bull is chasing me with his bat.

Anyway, the match was finally signed, sealed and going to be delivered at KOTDM 2003 on night 2.  I had worked a lot with Mitch Page to get ready for this match and cut a very mean kick ass promo about being drug free like CM Punk but that I was armed with 2 pain killers and had “Pain” written on the tape on one fist and “Killer” written on the tape of the other fist.

Here is a ghostly picture of me during this promo…be afraid…be very afraid:


I remember the entrance to the ring probably the most.  Mitch had made it a habit to maul through the crowd on the way kicking and throwing chairs and scaring the fans.  He set up a chair and let me kick it on my way to the ring.  He then set it up again and allowed me to kick the hell out of that chair all the way to the ring.  Here is me and Mitch on the way to the ring:


The match was a hard fought battle that went to a no contest.  It was a tough war but by God, Bull didn’t beat me.  I stood my ground.  I survived.  I showed why I have been able to survive making a virtual who’s who list of indy wrestling pissed off at me.

That is it for my KOTDM 2003 flashback.  I think most people have already seen the DVD.  If you haven’t, I ask…what the hell are you waiting for?  It is widely thought of as the best KOTDM ever so get to it.

Good Day.






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