8 man tag barbed wire ropes match flashback & memories

Maniwa was a cool little bro and sent me some pictures that he found online from the 8 man tag barbed wire match back in Highland many moons ago.  I remember being scared to death going into that match and hell who can blame me.  I was getting into a barbed wire match against Ian Rotten, Mad Man Pondo, Balls Mahoney and Steve Stone.  I got my ass kicked that night.  Steve Stone was attacking me from all sides that whole match.  I think at one point, Pondo had me on the floor and kept trying to do something to me but before he could do anything Steve Stone would kill me with a trash can from behind.  Pondo would then have to pick me back up and Steve would drill me again.  Finally Pondo yelled at him to stop and I think Pondo then did the put me in a chair and jump off the apron onto me killing me.

I can’t really remember the finish from first hand experience but I’ve seen it on tape – Stop sign to the face, double arm ddt, Nutcracker Suite, moonsault, get pinned, get picked up and drilled with a Balls Mahoney chairshot.   The stuff of nightmares I tell ya.

I do remember Ryan Boz, Brad Bradley and Carmine being long gone and leaving me to the slaughter on my own especially the chair shot from Balls.  There’s more that goes into this story but it isn’t for Myspace consumption.  Maybe on a shoot interview down the line hehehe.

Anyway, here are the pictures…I’m not sure who took them (maybe Jill McKee) but they were found by Nick Maniwa:

This was earlier in the night before the carnage:


This was me in the middle of the carnage dead on the floor:


This is all of us afterwards in bad shape and wishing it had never happened:


Well I guess that is it for this update…enough reliving a nightmare.

Good Day.






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