Candido Cup and Wing Ding

Well the Candido Cup is in the books.  Attendance was horrible for the event.  It was not even half of what we expected to pull in to honor Chris.  I have no idea what went wrong with the attendance.  I don’t know if it was Memorial Day weekend.  I don’t know if it was the ticket prices.  I don’t know if it was people not being high on that much tag team wrestling.  I don’t know if it is just that the wrestling fans in Midlothian don’t have the love and respect for Chris that we have.  I don’t know if it was fans expecting lots of the wrestlers not being there and making other plans.

Either way, it was not good.  It really took my attention away from the show and I didn’t watch too much of it.

The weekend started on Thursday night with 4 of the guys getting in to Midway around midnight and being taken to the hotel.  I met up with Ian, Mickie, David and John Calvin at the hotel and got a few hours sleep and then away I went to O’Hare to get Low Ki and others.  A few airport runs and a couple of hotel runs and to the building I go.

Friday night was taking a couple of people to the hotel and then going back to the other hotel and staying with Sox so I could actually get sleep and have peace and quiet.  Saturday was more hotel runs, the Q & A, more hotel runs and then the show.

I went to DeKalb after the show to stay with Stacy.  We were going to the Rock Station in Rockford’s all day concert called The Wing Ding.

Finger 11, Black Stone Cherry, Buck Cherry, Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace along with some others.

We got there late and missed Finger 11 and a couple of other bands but got there just in time for Black Stone Cherry.  Stacy and I had seen them once before and enjoyed them so it was perfect timing.

It was quite chaotic inside the concert however.  I am going on record to say that I was the only person in attendance between the age of 21 and 50 that did not have any tattoos or piercings that wasn’t smoking or drinking.  I stuck out like a sore thumb.  Dumbasses were walking around completely covered in mud from hair to toe.  I guess they wanted to be like pigs and just roll around in mud all day.  Disgusting.  We went as close to the stage as we could get without plowing through people.  I ran into a couple of IWA fans that asked about upcoming shows and then settled into a good spot about 30 yards from the stage.

I watched in horror as these savage animals attending the concert could hardly stand at 4:30 pm in the afternoon because they were falling down drunk.  I watched several fights/arguments break out in my surrounding area.  I then began to pay extra close attention to these jackbags as they started chucking full bottles of pop through the air over the crowd of people without a cap on the bottle.  Soda was flying everywhere and getting onto everything.  I could have taken about 9 or 10 of these feces fliggers but unfortunately there was about 10,000 of them.  I don’t like those odds.

Stacy was thoroughly enjoying Black Stone Cherry but I was paying more attention to the bums that were wandering around half naked and drunk and causing chaos and trouble.  So once Black Stone Cherry got done performing, I told Stacy that we were going to go sit in the bleachers where it was calmer.

We went up into the stands and sat down.  Unfortunately, the stands weren’t any calmer.  Kids were throwing rocks from under the bleachers so I was dumping soda down onto them in retaliation.  This guy got into with a girl a few rows ahead of us and she knocked him down a couple of rows of the bleachers.  People were smoking pot in the bleachers.

Buck Cherry then did his finishing song…”I love the cocaine…” and 14 year old kids in the crowd were singing it and jumping around and partying.  Future Losers and Felons of the World Unite.

The next series of incidents however made the entire day for me however.  We got ready to leave and I went down by the tshirt stands and they had several Breaking Benjamin tshirts.  I then notice that someone is autographing shirts in one of the booths and Stacy informs me that it is the Breaking Benjamin guy.  I go up and start talking to him and thank him for ruining Jimmy Jacobs life and what a priviledge it was to meet him.  We then exchanged a couple of stories and jokes at Jimmy Jacobs’ expense and then I was on my way back to DeKalb.  Always leave on a high note.  Always.

Well that was my weekend in a nut shell.

Good times.  Good times.  I may have also picked up an idea or two on how to make Jimmy Jacobs even more miserable than he already is.

Stay tuned for further updates.






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