Jim Fannin’s rules of life

Here is an update about my weekend.  Friday was game one of the Cubs vs. White Sox.  I’ve had designs on selling the house and moving to an apartment in DeKalb to pay off some debts and make things easier on myself in between IWA shows.  My grandma is having none of it.  She is threatening to move to the cabin in Kentucky out in the middle of nowhere if I sell the house and move to DeKalb.  I guess I am being held hostage in my house.  I decided to go to Wal-Mart with my grandma on Friday before the Cub game so I could get back in time to watch it.  She runs a red light even with me yelling “It’s red…It’s red…IT’S RED!!!!”  My grandma can’t handle change so now everyone knows where I get it from.

I watch a little bit of the Cubs game and get frustrated with the game and my grandma so I decide that it is time to go outside in the back yard and tear down my old satellite dish.  This is a dish from 1989 so it is huge and one of the ones that has to move around to pick up any channels.  I take a hacksaw and cut through a couple of the rails on the satellite and then start tearing it down and ripping and just generally taking out all my recent frustrations with life.  It was very therapeutic.  The satellite is no more but I still have the pole cemented into the ground.  I need to find a way to get rid of that now.  At least I can mow the back yard now with the riding mower without having to dodge the dish.  I come inside the house and see the end of the Cubs rally to win.

Saturday I watch some of the Cubs game and then head over to Ottawa to meet Stacy so we can go to Starved Rock and do some geocaching.  For those that didn’t read the Arizona blog, geocaching is when you hide an item and put the GPS location coordinates on the internet for other people to go find it.  We were going to put the bird beanie that we got in Arizona out in Starved Rock.  I have never been to Starved Rock in my life.  Stacy and her family and friends find that to be hilarious because it is a major landmark tourist area that is just 35 minutes from where I grew up and live.  We get out at the state park and walk up to the fishermen trying to catch whatever out of the muddy ass Illinois River.  Stacy takes a picture with her geocache bird:


We then put in the coordinates into the GPS unit and started our search to set the bird free (you have to leave something behind at the place you find something).  We started hiking up this damn rock.  I guess the story behind this thing is that a bunch of Indians starved to death on this rock.  When I got to the top, I could understand why.  I was dead trying to walk up this damn thing and that was with all the steps and rails put in to make it touristy accessible.

We got to the top to this look out and realized that we were no where near the right coordinates and had to trek back down the rock and go elsewhere:

image gone

We then started off down another path.  It was muddy.  I was sweating bullets.  There were mosquitos and gnats and other pests.

Jim Fannin’s rules of life:

1.  I despise my hands getting dirty.  I am fanatical about it.  I have to immediately wash my hands if they get all sweaty, grimy or dirty…especially sticky.

2.  I despise sweating.  It makes me feel like a grungy bum.  I like clean.   Very clean.

3.  I despise being outdoors in woodsy areas where there are bugs, gnats, flies, skeeters and other pests.  I am a city man.  I am not a fan of insects.

4.  I despise mud.  Leads to hands getting dirty and the rest of me getting dirty and that whole grungy bum thing.

5.  Outdoors/camping/etc are just not my cup of tea.

Starved Rock had muddy trails for no apparent reason.  It hadn’t rained.  It wasn’t muddy anywhere else but yet there was a section of the trail that was pure mud.  Blah.  I was sweating.  There were plenty of bugs.  It violated so many rules of my life.

We trek back up the fricking rock for a second time in a different place and again see that the coordinates are not anywhere near where we need to be.  We then sit and figure it out and we needed to be on the other side of the river at the other park.  The dumbass that made the coordinates put the wrong park on the website.

We trek back to the car and drive to the other side of the river and to the other park.  It is closed.  No geocaching.  Douchebag.

We drive back to Morris and go eat at La Mex with Stacy’s parents before coming to my house and watching

Pirates of the Carribean

I did not like it anywhere near as much as I liked the first movie.   I was not as much of a fan of Davy Jones I guess.  Bit much for me.  Hopefully 3 is more like 1 than 2.  We’ll find out next week.

Sunday was a long day.  It was Stacy’s brother’s birthday so I went in to her parents’ house for that.  We went to eat at Romines and then came back to the house.  I left about 10:30 and came home and watched a great episode of The Sopranos.  Probably my favorite of all time.  All I will say is Tony Soprano does a curb stomp.  I love the curb stomp.  I wish that I could curb stomp a few people.  That would make a very happy Jim Fannin.  Entourage was pretty damn good too.  Some vintage Johnny Drama in this episode.

Well I guess it is about time for bed since it is 2 am.

Good Day.






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