Time to catch up with some old friends

I have been up to a lot of things since the last time I wrote up a blog.  I don’t have as many pictures as I had hoped since I was constantly forgetting my camera but such is life.  You guys (all 12 of you reading this) are getting this for free anyway.  Pony up some money and you’ll get a more professional blog with plenty of pictures lol.

I have deleted the BMFers myspace page.  Bull Pain and Mean Mitch Page aren’t around much anymore and that greatly saddens me.  I always had a blast managing those two and just being around them.  Paying bills is more important though so I fully understand.  The BMFers just never got a chance to get rolling the way we wanted to roll.

I don’t even know where to start this thing so I will try to go back as far as I can remember clearly.  I remember getting spanked on my bare ass by the doctor and crying while a few people stood around watching happy that I was alright even though I was born a month premature.  Oh wait…I’ll fast forward 30+ years for the regular readers.

Stacy and I went up to Chicago and saw the “From Cezzane to Picasso” display at the Art Institute of Chicago.  We didn’t go through it the last time we were there on the field trip and Stacy wanted to catch it before it left the musuem.  It was a very good exhibit and I enjoyed myself getting to see some real art.  It was much better than the Contempary Art Museum…that’s for sure.  We went across the street and ate at the Benningans.  I love their green beans.  Great stuff.  We then decided to walk up to the Hancock Building so we could get a piece of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.  We walked…and we walked…and we walked some more and finally a scary gentlemen wearing a cape and driving a horse and carriage told us where we went wrong and we back track and eventually make it to the cheesecake.


White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake Swirled with Peanut Butter, White Chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups® and Nutter Butter Cookies® all on top of a Peanut Butter Crumb Crust

Heaven.  On.  Earth.

We then walk to the Navy Pier.  It is late by this point and not much is open or happening at the Pier but we do get tickets to watch:

image gone

on the IMAX screen at the pier.

Kirsten Dunst on the IMAX screen = almost as beautiful as Stacy but she was such a bitch in this movie.  The graphics and action scenes are unbelievable on IMAX but I wasn’t happy with the holes in the story and plus my stomach was not happy with me.

We walk back to the car and go back to Stacy’s apartment in DeKalb.  9.25 miles walked and my legs were dead.

The next day we get up and go for a walk and grab some food before heading out for Indianapolis to go watch:

image gone

We are running late and need to make up time but a car is going slow in front of us and creating a traffic jam in the passing lane.  We get a little closer and see government plates on the car and Stacy makes a comment that her dad drives like that when he is in the government car and probably agitates the hell out of drivers like this.  We then pass the government car and it is her DAD!  We both laugh and then her phone rings and it is her dad wondering where we are going in such a hurry.  We get to Indianapolis and if mapquest had good directions, we would have made it with a few minutes to spare.  Instead, we were 25 minutes late after stopping at a liquor store for directions and finally finding it.

I strongly recommend this play to everyone.  Great stuff.  They ad lib some things in there to stay current with the news and make fun of everything.  We really enjoyed it and want to see it again.

We then went to the hotel by the building in Plainfield, IN because I had a show the next night.  Great room…had a fridge, microwave, two desks, couch and fancy entertainment stand for the tv.

Then it was time for  Plainfield, Indiana for “A Prelude to Death.”  Stacy went with me and made the show that much more enjoyable.  We are so undermanned in key positions that I just don’t have the manpower to be in four places at once and that is another reason why the BMFers just can’t get off the ground.  Mitch Ryder was on the show and I couldn’t manage him because I had to sell the DVDs.  The crowd was at about 175 and was very vocal the whole night.  Stacy played Pogo and sat by me during the show and then we had to take off and drive all the way back to DeKalb after the show.  Stacy was exhausted and unable to make it to Joliet.  I got two hours of sleep before heading to the airport to pick up Hotstuff Hernandez.

I was generally surprised at how nice of a person that Hotstuff was.  It was a priviledge to meet him and hang for awhile before dropping him off at the hotel and heading over to the rec center in Joliet to wait for chairs to be delivered.  I waited…and waited…and waited.  They were supposed to deliver the chairs between 1 and 3.  I was hoping for 1.  Then I could have drove home and slept for 3 hours before heading to Chicago to get Joey Mercury and getting back to Joliet for the show.  The chairs still hadn’t shown up by 3:30 and I had to call Patti to call the rental place.  Chairs showed up at 4 pm and then it was off to Chicago…with no sleep.  I was dead on my feet at this point.  I made it up to Chicago and got Mercury and made it back down to Joliet and picked up Hernandez and went to the building.

I said hello to almost everyone…except for the ones that I didn’t want at the show.  I then sat behind the DVD table and went into zombie mode.  I had to sell tickets the first half of the show.  Sox called 14 times because he was lost.  I then went to the DVD table and remained in zombie mode.  Show ended and I couldn’t really tell you if it was good or bad but I only saw good reviews from those that were at the show.  Then it was leading everyone to the hotel and going home to sleep.

There is the exciting life of indy wrestling ladies and gentlemen.  Lots of driving…not lots of sleep…losing money due to having stacked cards but not quite stacked enough crowds.

Stay in school.  Do your homework.  Pick something else to go into.  The people in this business will make you angry.  The politics will drive you crazy.  The hours will kill you.  You better be dedicated and ready to pay your dues if you pick this line of work and then you are still going to need lots of luck.

Public Service Announcement is over.

Sunday was a big sleep day and I did nothing but watch Entourage and The Sopranos and nap.

Monday I headed back up to DeKalb and took Stacy to her doctor’s appointment.  We went to eat at Harry Caray’s restaurant afterwards.  Fun times.  The Chicken Parmesan was off the charts and such a large portion.  It wasn’t much more expensive than Applebees and they had a cow with holes in it wearing Harry Caray glasses in the lobby.  You can’t beat that.

I decided to stay in DeKalb through today.  Yesterday we helped Stacy’s brother and his girlfriend move into their new apartment and then went to eat at Ruby Tuesday’s.  They had the biggest double cheeseburger I have ever seen.  It was bigger than my head (and just ask around, I have a big head).  I could hardly squeeze it together enough to fit into my mouth.  We then watched Pirates of the Caribbean.  I liked it because I like cheesy one liners and corny action.  It delivered on that fully.   I’m going to watch the second one before the third one comes out in a week or two and we go see that.

We also watched The Holiday.  Don’t watch that movie.  It is crap is an understatement.  Jude Law and Cameron Diaz just don’t mesh well and they got 3/4ths of the movie.  I would have rather seen more of Jack Black & Kate Winslet but what do I know.  Stacy thought it was trash as well.  So that is two big thumbs down for The Holiday.

I guess that about does it for this massive catching up blog.  Hopefully I can do a better job of keeping caught up in the future.

Good Day.






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