Greg Maddux and trip to Chicago

Yesterday was Greg Maddux’s return to Chicago after being traded to the Dodgers last year.  I am a huge fan of Greg Maddux.  I believe that Greg Maddux is the greatest PITCHER of my lifetime.  Roger Clemens is a thrower…not a pitcher so I don’t even want to hear his name in the discussion.  Greg Maddux is my favorite Cub this side of Jody Davis and that is saying a lot.  I have never seen him pitch in person so I decided that I needed to go yesterday before I run out of chances.

Stacy and I left DeKalb early and started heading towards the city.  We went to Lake Shore Drive and went up to avoid the construction on the Dan Ryan.  It was an easy trip and quite scenic…the lake was looking nice and blue and the weather looked nice.  We started going down Addison and got the very last spot in a parking lot for $25 right down the street from the ballpark.  I haven’t been to Wrigley in like 3 years and the last time we parked about a mile away for $30 so this was so much better.  We stood outside the car for a few minutes and decided that the weather was good so there was no need to be carting extra hoodies & jackets into the game since it was about 65.  Then it was time to go into the Mecca:

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We strolled up to the will call and picked up our tickets for section 124 row 9.  It was time to enter the ballpark and find our seats.  We walk through the tunnel and go to head to the seats and the weather was completely different.  Wind howling in at about 25 mph and it was cold as hell.  So looks like we are about to endure another Super Bowlesque situation of refusing to buy the poncho and then drowning in rain.  We sit in our seats and start freezing.  David Arquette throws out the first pitch and I tell Stacy that he damn well better not be the 7th inning stretch conductor.  The game starts and I find out that I am about to see the big league debut of Felix Pie.  Hopefully he turns into a superstar so I can say that I saw his first game.

The game starts and the Padres get two off of Wade Miller in the first inning.  Then Maddux comes out to pitch and I’m excited.  When Maddux comes up to bat, I along with a handful of others stand up to give him a standing ovation on his way to the plate.  Some fucking pricklick behind me yells for me to sit down.  Get a clue and realize what is going on or else go back to being a drunken alcoholic slob somewhere else jackbag.  That is why Cubs fans have a bad reputation.  A lot of them are just there to get drunk and be a waste of society and have no clue or appreciation for the game.  You yell at people that are standing FOR NO REASON WHILE PLAY IS GOING ON not when someone is walking to the plate that is a Hall of Famer and icon.  Stupid douchebag.  Around this time we decide that it is too cold so we go into the gift shop and buy a blanket.

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Stacy gets some hot chocolate and we return to the seats with the blanket for some added warmth.  Cubs make a comeback and tie the game and chase Maddux from the game.  It just keeps getting colder and then time for the 7th inning stretch and sure enough it is David Arquette singing.  I’ve had enough.  That man is the biggest and darkest period of shame for wrestling.  The fact that he is a former WCW World Heavyweight champion killed any and all credibility that wrestling ever had and helped put WCW under and then give Vince McMahon absolutely no competition so that the rest of televised wrestling could go straight to hell with piss poor soap opera writers being hired right and left.  I blame you David Arquette for starting the dominoes…I blame you.

So we left the game.  We got back to the car and we did a double switch.  I just needed something on my arms and Stacy was freezing to death.  I let her wear my heavy Cubs winter jacket and I took her Northern Illinois hoodie.  We then walked back towards the stadium so I could get my picture taken with the Harry Caray statue.


We then start walking towards the Goose Island Brewery that Stacy wanted to go to for supper.  She gets stopped by this guy offering $5 to give our opinions on different beer for a marketing survey that is being conducted.  Stacy takes the money and does the interview.  I tell him that I’ve never drank beer so I’d be horrible to do an interview about it.  I end up making the interview anyway because they ask Stacy her opinions on St. Louis, Golden Colorado & Milwaukee.  She says that she likes Milwaukee “but my boyfriend hates it with a passion.”  We then go to the restaurant.

I not only do not DRINK alcohol, I refuse to eat things that are COOKED in alcohol.  Stacy tells me that I am silly and that all the alcohol is burned out of the dish while cooking and that it is an accepted practice to cook that way.  I find it to be the way an alcoholic would cook.  “I don’t get enough intake from drinking it so now I’m just going to pour it into my food and eat it too.”  It isn’t for me.  It isn’t for me at all.  That left quite a few things on the menu at this brewery off limits.  I ended up getting a plain hamburger and fries and some tea.  I think they might have cooked the fries in alcohol because it made me sick and tasted horrible.  How can you screw up french fries?  Stacy didn’t agree with the food either so we sat for the remainder of the 14 inning game holding our stomachs and complaining about the poor food choice.  Goose Island Brewery has no redeeming qualities in my eyes now except the fact that they had about 20 flat screen televisions in the place and an autographed picture of Conan O’Brien…but that isn’t enough to make me eat food that makes me sick.

We then got back to the car and called it a day.  I hope that I get to catch another Cub game or two this season and maybe catch a win and some nice weather.

That is all.






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