My take on the Don Imus situation

The ranting Jim Fannin has returned and it took a bunch of hypocrites and jackasses to bring it out of me.  I’m sure that Livejournal would want me to put this disclaimer on my rant:  These opinions do not reflect the opinions of this website because they are probably scared shitless of the hypocritical politically correct crowd that is killing this country.

Was Don Imus wrong to call the Rutgers women’s basketball team a bunch of nappy headed hoes?  Absolutely.  There was no call for it.  There was no point to it.  He should have known better than to say something that stupid. 

I don’t have a problem with Imus being suspended or reprimanded for the comments that he made.  Send a message that you have to be held accountable for your actions.  I wouldn’t have even minded if they fired him immediately.  Take a stand and say that you don’t want to be associated with stupid crap like that.  I’m not arguing against MSNBC or CBS Radio for firing him.  They have that right and if that is what they want to believe in then they should have fired him.

This is what pisses me off about the whole thing.  Jesse Jackson can go fuck himself.  I don’t need some piece of shit that can’t keep his dick in his pants and commits adultery and has love children out there (look it up…its true) trying to stick his nose into everything like he is some kind of expert on moral conduct.  He is a FUCKING hypocrite.  A low life sack of shit.  I’m supposed to take moral lessons from this asshole?  I don’t think so.  All that Jesse Jackson is is a spotlight grabbing whore.  I’d tell Jesse Jackson to stick to his job but his “job” is sticking his nose into everything and acting like he is the voice of the people.  He isn’t my voice.  I don’t need anyone to speak for me.  I’m not a deaf mute so I can speak for myself.  I hope someone shows that piece of trash my diatribe and he tries to come and protest me everywhere that I go.  I can guarantee that he would regret it the rest of his life…both seconds of it. 

I then got a huge kick out of watching Inside Edition yesterday and them showing Bill Clinton’s comments on Imus.  He’s an even bigger fucking hypocrite than Jesse Jackson.  I definitely don’t need that piss poor excuse for a human being telling me what my morals should be.  I can’t believe he took enough time away from shoving cigars up women to even give a press conference about the issue.  Must have been a slow afternoon on the philandering lying cheating front at the Clinton household.

They showed footage the other day on one of the programs my grandma always has on where Imus was talking about his bosses at CBS radio and he made a bunch of anti-semitic remarks about them being greedy and money hungry.  You never heard ANYTHING about that when it was said.  Why?  People make comments like that all the time and get away with it…because the Jewish community doesn’t piss and moan every single time anything is said.  People are allowed to have opinions in this country.  That is what is guaranteed in the Constitution.

I’m sure that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have NEVER in their lives said anything at all about “the white devil” or a “honky” or a “cracker.”  They would never ever ever say anything like that.  Bullshit.  I guarantee they have.  Yet “nappy headed hoes” is just total outrage.  If you don’t want anyone calling you a “nappy headed hoe” then cut your fucking hair.  That is the only way to stop it from happening.  Protesting and forming boycotts and crying until you get your way isn’t going to stop it from happening.  I can guarantee that it will just cause it to happen even more because you are going to piss off the people that are growing tired of all this political correctness bullshit that is encompassing the country.  I will not say “mailperson” because it has been mailman all my fucking life.  If you don’t like it, don’t become a female mailman.  I refuse to change how the world has functioned for eons simply because a bunch of bleeding heart sissies get offended now.

I am offended by Notre Dame being “The Fighting Irish” but you don’t see the Irish bitching and moaning like the Indians bitch about “The Fighting Illini”.  Be thankful that anyone wants to remember your ass and name themselves after you instead of whining and crying about it.

I am just mad that CBS and MSNBC caved in to the pressures being placed upon them by a bunch of hypocrites and overly sensitive bleeding hearts.  I would never allow anyone into an IWA show if I whined and cried about everything that was said about me on the message boards.  Get some thicker skin and just turn Imus off if you don’t want to hear him. 

White people should protest the offices of the Rainbow Coalition for Jesse Jackson being a piss poor Reverend and a sorry excuse for a human being and call for him to resign…and keep doing it every single day until we get what we want.  But we won’t do that because Jackson needs to shake down somebody for the money to pay for all his illegitimate children.  We don’t need more people on welfare.






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