Why I hate wrestling

Last night I went to the NWA Midwest show in Streamwood with Mickie in order to sell some IWA merchandise at the show.

That show was littered with all the reasons that I hate wrestling.

I made Mickie leave right after intermission because I couldn’t stand being in the same building with so many people that I despise with enough gusto to commit in the immortal words of Tracy Smothers “double mega ultra mass homicide.”  Luckily, the main culprit listened to the warning given to him and moved from the door before I left.

I respect Ed Chuman and I won’t disrupt one of his shows so I left instead.  I don’t like diplomacy but I guess even I will use it at times.

Then other people that I don’t particularly care for anymore based on decisions they made that show no loyalty or gratitude to me for all I have done in the past to help make him tolerated by the fans who before thought he was worthless and the worst person on the shows try to talk to me like they haven’t done anything to piss me off.

Then I can move on to some of the fans.  There is a fan that used to come to IWA shows.  They couldn’t afford to buy tickets due to losing a job.  Ian let them into the shows for free because he knew how much they loved wrestling and being at the shows.  A wrestler cuts a promo in the ring picking on them and they no longer come back to the shows.  I could understand not coming to shows that that wrestler is on (which is few and far between anymore) but to not come back at all and hurt us after letting them if for free to help them out is just wrong.

I could go on and on about all the reasons to despise this fricking business.

The Barbarian is going to get me a shred of revenge when he destroys Jimmy Jacobs.  I then have some tricks up my sleeve for getting some retribution on others before I walk away permanently.

I have better ways to spend my money and time than being involved with these kinds of people.

Good Day.






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