Total random crap

Well I just returned from Wal-Mart. I got me two new pairs of swimming trunks to go with the one I have for the three day excursion to Phoenix next week. I am so ready to add another state to the list and probably even a new country. I think we are going to hit Mexico while we are down there as well. I think I am most looking forward to the spring training game for the Cubs. I want to get Lou Pinella’s autograph and hopefully I can get Soriano and Lee as well. Those are the missing pieces of the collection!

I sent out about 25 letters to county fairs in Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia and Wisconsin today. I hope that we hear back from at least one of them. Paid shows would be so nice. I’m looking forward to the fundraiser show in April cause I would love to meet Honky Tonk Man and Ax. I met Valentine 8 years ago so it would be nice to see him again and actually get a picture and autograph this time. Here are the pics of Valentine and Ax that I printed out and am going to get signed at the show:

image gone

image gone

I need to find a cool picture of Honky Tonk Man with the Intercontintal title to get signed at that show.

I have a picture of the Barbarian that I’m going to get signed at April Blood Showers when he does my evil bidding.

image gone

I got Maniwa a VHS to DVD recorder so we could start getting the older stuff put into DVD form. Now all I have to do is get people motivated to actually get the tapes to Maniwa so I don’t have to drive 6 hours down there to do it myself.

Well that is about it for this mundane update. Good Day.






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