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Friday was the show in Midlothian. I always enjoy riding around with Low Ki and Steve Corino. Fun stories and lots of laughter are guaranteed in that mix. I will admit that when we started using Low Ki, I was worried that he would end up on the Raven/New Jack/Sandman list due to the stuff I had heard about him. I have had no problems with him at all in the year that we’ve been riding together to the shows. I think our personalities mesh well because we are both angry grumpy sobs so we understand each other.

I had to drive in downtown Chicago to go get Low Ki from the Marriott Residence Inn on Walton Place. I hated driving downtown. The pedestrians couldn’t have crossed the street any slower each time I had to turn left. Would it kill them to move like they actually want to get across the street? I have someone to be as well as they do and I don’t have all day to get there. I did end up driving right past the Red Headed Piano Bar that I had just talked to Stacy about the night before. I’ve always wanted to go to a piano bar in Chicago. I think it would be fun so we made plans to go to Chicago, hit a couple of museums, go to the piano bar and stay at the Hyatt on the Chicago River for March 1st our 6th month anniversary. One huge problem that I didn’t think about. March 2nd is Plainfield and I kept thinking it was March 6th because the April date is the 6th in Plainfield. So I had to cancel those hotel reservations and change our plans.

Anyway, back to the show. Attendance was down about 25 from last show but still much better than when we weren’t running commercials. Unfortunately, everyone was buying the $10 tickets and not buying any DVDs or concessions so it brought in a lot less money than the last show. Sherri Martel, Low Ki and Steve Corino on the show. You do the math. Blah.

We had to hustle out of the building so I barely got to say anything to my grandma or Aunt Sharon after the show was over and Sox and Ray had to leave so it was off to take Low Ki to the hotel and then back to the Omega to eat with everyone. I sat at the end of the table in between Ian and Vince Jones and got to listen to Ian gripe about how piss poor the Diet Pepsi was and how slow the service was. Took 30 minutes to order and over an hour in the restaurant before the food came. Blah to the Omega. My fries sucked ass.

Yesterday I went to Joliet with Chris and we went to Hooters. I then had all kinds of snacks last night after supper. I ended up gaining a pound with my food selections from the last couple of days. Damn it. I had dropped 20 pounds and gotten back down to 250 and was 10 pounds away from my first goal and then I put on a pound. It was a grilled cheese sandwich and half a bowl of tomato soup for lunch today. Can’t start going in the wrong direction now.

Hopefully the weather stays alright today and Stacy makes it down to Morris. I think we are going to do our day in Chicago on Tuesday now instead of Thursday and Friday.

We are going to Phoenix on March 12-15 and are going to get to go to a Cubs spring training game against the Diamondbacks (7th row behind home plate). We are also going to try to get down into Mexico so I can add a country to the list as well as another state! As soon as we get back from that is the autograph show in Chicago where I can add a few Bears to my Super Bowl mini helmet.

Busy busy busy and that is just how I like it.

That’s all for now. Good Day.






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