back from a long trip

I got home earlier tonight after a very long and arduous journey. For starters, I would like to thank those of you that sent well wishes for my godson. It was greatly appreciated and he is doing well right now after his heart procedure.

Maniwa and I left for Kentucky on Thursday morning last week so we could get ready to go to the PWU and Chikara shows in Philly with Ian and Mickie and help sell the tickets for the ECW Arena show at the end of June for IWA. The trip down was ugly as the road on route 47 was not plowed well at all. There were times that it was one lane with snow banks as tall as the car on both sides of the one lane tunnel. It made the trip go much longer than it should have. We went to Toys R Us in Champaign and then ate at Taco Bell. We then finished the rest of the trip to Louisville.

Maniwa calls me and tells me that he will not be joining us on the trip to Baltimore/Philly so we leave and hit snow in the mountains in West Virginia/Maryland that made the trip go much longer than necessary.

Saturday afternoon was the PWU show and if you read the surveys that I posted on Saturday, I was not pleased. I actually had to debate with myself on who I hated more that was at the show…Raven or the ICP clown. I left after Homicide vs. Tony with the clown ringside so I wouldn’t have to put up with Raven “wrestling.” I went to KMart to get some gauze and tape for Ian and left Mickie to sell the tickets. I got back after the show was over and went up to Ian to give him the stuff. He wasn’t happy with the show and I started listing the reasons why the show sucked. Ian told me to hush and I gave my standard response…”I don’t give a fuck if he hears me or not.” Ian didn’t want to deal with the politics that my opinions would cause so I won’t voice them directly here either. Ian then told me a story about Raven asking him if he didn’t like him or something. I told Ian he could feel free to tell that no talent jackass to ask me that question and I’d be more than willing to let him have it. Anyway, Ian thanked me for putting up with shitty wrestling to the nth degree in order to help him out with the tickets. Almost all of the people that came up to buy tickets from me for our show commented that they would hold it against me for making them go to that show in order to buy the tickets.

The next day was Chikara. It was alright for the most part but those that know me, know that I’m not a fan of the tree vs. the mummy kind of stuff on the show. To each their own however. It was still hands down 100% better than the PWU show the day before. We left right after the show was over so we could get back to Louisville in time for the baby’s heart procedure. It snowed and the roads sucked ass so it was a loooooong ride through the mountains of Maryland and West Virginia.

We got into Louisville and went straight to the hospital because it was already after the time that Patti had to take the baby to the hospital. We got to the hospital and tracked everyone down and then got the news that they would be doing the angioplasty on the baby because they didn’t like how the artery had closed due to the scar tissue build up from his surgery.

I went to the McDonalds in the basement of the Kosairs Childrens Hospital with Mickie so we could grab some lunch while we were waiting for James Christopher to come out of recovery. We talked about a few things as we sat thinking about having to be in that hospital for a second time now for James Christopher’s heart.

I could go into a rant about one of the topics that we discussed but I will leave that for another time and place. I don’t need to get into that mood especially with as angry and pissed as I was getting at the hospital as we talked about it. I love that baby with all my heart and when I think of how out of whack some people’s priorities are and how uncaring they are when someone puts other things as more important than their pocketbook, it gets my blood boiling.

Well I’ve rambled long enough so hopefully I’ll be tired and able to sleep.

Good Day.






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