Plenty o’ pictures from Valentine’s Day…updated from last night w/ even more pictures

I do not know what the hell I did to myself this morning but I’ve been in pain all day. I did something to my neck and the pain goes down into the back of my shoulder. Blah. This is about the worst pain I’ve ever been in and I don’t like it.

I had to shovel for a fourth time this morning to deal with all the drifting. Double blah. Shoveling snow with a bum neck and shoulder is no picnic I tell ya.

Most of the day was spent waiting for it to be time to go visit Stacy. Maniwa and I leave for Kentucky in the morning and I’ll be gone a week going to the PWU show and Chikara show in Philly this weekend and then James Christopher may have another heart procedure done on Monday and then back to Morris. Therefore, this was my last chance to see Stacy before being gone for a week and I already hadn’t seen her since Saturday night. I took her the Valentine’s Day present that got delivered yesterday. Here is a picture:

image gone

The night at the Sybaris hotel on the 1st was the main part of her Valentine’s Day present and this was the secondary gift. As a memory refresher, here is a couple of pictures from there:

image gone

image gone

When she talked to me on the phone before I left, she said how she wanted to get a certain kind of apple that she had been craving but she’d have to wait until I got up there because she didn’t have time to do it before hand. I stopped at a Jewel on my way up and got her the apple and then got a big helium balloon as well. It is in the shape of a heart and has an arrow through it and a baby Cupid sitting on top of the balloon and written in the heart says “Be My Valentine”. She really liked it but I think Blacky likes it even more. His goal is going to be finding a way to attack that balloon and pop it.

I tried to find a picture of it on the net but no luck 🙁 (Stacy took pictures and sent them too me. Here is the balloon and Blacky trying to get the balloon.

image gone

image gone

image gone

And here are a picture of the flowers/perfume plus the stuffed red Ape that says “Our First Valentine’s” that I got for Stacy as well.

image gone

We went to eat at the Junction which is just a local little diner in DeKalb and exchanged gifts.

Great day and I’m glad the weather cooperated enough to allow me to go up there or else I would have been sad.

I hope everyone had a great and safe Valentine’s Day…well the people that I like. My enemies, I hope they got gonorrhea and syphillis.

Good day.






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