Early Valentine’s Day…and getting ready to leave for Miami

I’m all packed up and ready to go and the flight doesn’t even leave for another 8 hours. It is going to be a looooooong 8 hours. I meet Sox at 4 at the check in point and then the fun begins. I got a laptop computer yesterday from Fry’s in Downers Grove so that I can be on the internet when I travel from now on. We’ll see how it works. It was giving me fits last night but I’m slow to learn new technology (hey it is new to me). Anyway, on to the thrills of the other day.

Thursday was Stacy and I’s five month anniversary. Nick Maniwa is coming to stay with me after the Plainfield show on the 9th for like two weeks. Since that will overlap with Valentine’s Day and since what I wanted to do for Valentine’s Day wasn’t available on that date, we did a five monthaversary/early Valentine’s Day night.

I drove up to DeKalb and picked up Stacy and didn’t tell her where we were going. We drove to Downers Grove and went to the Sybaris resort there. I wanted one of the rooms with a waterslide but that was booked so I took the paradise swimming pool room. Stacy had told me about these places because I had never heard of them. She was excited to get to go and acted surprised (I don’t know if she was completely surprised or not since I had told her we would be staying overnight wherever we were going.) I had selected the rose petals arrangement package so as soon as we walk into the room, this is what the bed looked like:

image gone

Stacy liked it and really liked the fact that there was carpet on the ceiling and the walls and just everywhere plus the furry blanket on the bed. The big selling point of these places however is the private swimming pool/steam room/whirlpool jacuzzi that every room has. No sharing the pool with others. This is what the pool and the waterfall with the pool looked like:

image gone

image gone

I also had some chocolate covered strawberries ordered and they had all kinds of other things that you could get for the room. I would highly suggest this place to anyone looking for a nice place to take their special someone. How can you beat having your own private pool and everything in your room…plus having carpet on the ceiling!!!

We went shopping after checking out of the resort and went on quite the “adventure” trying to find Fry’s after leaving Baker’s Square. It was maybe 1/4 of a mile away from the Baker’s Square but thanks to some screwed up directions being given to me, it took us an hour of driving around to find the place. Gotta love fun adventures.

Well in other news, I’m down to 252.5 pounds which is a loss of 15 pounds since Christmas all without hardly working out. I can’t get my body to want to brave the cold ass weather of late to go in to the gym. A few days I didn’t even get out of my pajamas all day. I hate the damn cold weather. I think that is what I’m going to love about going to Miami the most. -8 is the forecast for here on Sunday…75 in Miami. I think I’d rather have the 75 all the time. I know that I’ll have to start working out to keep the weight coming off because cutting back on the food intake will only work for so long before there is nothing else left to lose or it will start coming off much sloooooooooooooooower. So this cold weather needs to stop right now.

It is time for lunch…then time for heading towards O’Hare.

Let’s Go Bears because I don’t even want to think of how pissed I’ll be if it goes the other way.

Good day.






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