Bear down Chicago Bears…all the way to the Super Bowl

My best friend since the age of 5 years old, Chris Finch, has Super Bowl tickets.

My quest is to now find a way to get to Miami myself for this great occasion. The cheapest tickets I can find so far are $3100 a piece. I can’t swing that but hopefully the price drops tomorrow when two teams are out of the running for the game.

If anyone wants to donate to the send Jim to the Super Bowl fund, I’m accepting all denominations.

Good Day.
I’ve just fielded congratulatory phone calls from Ian and Stacy and then it hit me rather hard that I wouldn’t be able to share this with my dad.

I wish he was here for it. It won’t be the same watching the game without being able to share it with him but I know he’s watching somewhere and enjoying this as much as I am.

Thank you Bears for giving me another chance to appreciate the Super Bowl, this time when I’m old enough to realize that it doesn’t come along all the time.

21 years between Morris Redskins State Championships
21 years between Chicago Bears Super Bowls

Let’s get a Cubs World Series sometime soon please.






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