Looking Back at 2006

Nick Maniwa just posted one of these and it seemed like a fun thing to do so I’m all for stealing it and doing one myself.

Here is the Year In Review of my life:


The year started off on a bad note. I was lonely and miserable and taking it out on everyone. I slowly started to turn things around but that crush didn’t work out. In hindsight, it worked out for all involved. I decided to see if Stacy had a myspace page and I found her again. We had been talking off and on ever since high school and things just never worked out for whatever reason. This time was the charm however and it has been an amazing four months of dating and a couple of months before that of getting reacquainted and forming a good friendship. Yes it has been a good year personally for me in 2006.


I have become a friendlier person over the course of this year. I’m not very outgoing and such but I will be civil towards more people now. I didn’t get to spend enough time with Maniwa since he didn’t make it to alot of shows but I should have found more time elsewhere to do so. I have pretty much completely fallen out of touch with Mark Watson but I have gained newer friends in Sox, Ray, Fusion and other in wrestling. I still have all my other friends so it has been good friendship wise.

James Christopher

He’s walking and talking and eating real food. He got in his teeth and Patti even said he said “Uncle Jimmy” the other day. I took him trick or treating. He had his first birthday. He brings joy to my life.


This has been an up and down year in wrestling for me. At the start of the year, I wanted nothing to do with wrestling anymore. I couldn’t take being at the shows. I wanted to kill people and the stuff with that other group and the title trashing just left such an angry bitter taste in my mouth that I decided that it wasn’t worth it anymore to keep putting my money, blood, sweat and tears into IWA when people that owed everything to the company would shit all over it like that. I had my major meltdown and walked away for a couple of months. I then decided that I had put too much into it over the past 9 years to let some fucking pricklick and someone making a stupid decision kill it off for me. I came back, formed the BMFers to instill loyalty into the guys and fear into those that didn’t have the loyalty. I’m back to enjoying the IWA shows again and look forward to a great 2007 for IWA. I have also got to travel with Low Ki several times to the point where he sent me a text message wishing me a Merry Christmas. It has been fun traveling up and down the road with him this past year and Steve Corino has been fun as well. It is also always a good time when the Canadians (Vanessa, Steen, Generico, and then even Jagged, Eddy and Lufisto) have been along for the ride. I look forward to more fun in 2007.


I finally got to Florida this year for my birthday. That was the greatest time. I’ve also been to Baltimore and Philadelphia several times. Milwaukee, Muscatine, West Virginia have been other wrestling destinations. Ian, Mickie and I went to Nashville for country music fan fest this year. That was a blast. Stacy and I are going to be going to Dallas in a couple of weeks and finally getting to see South Fork Ranch. We’re going to go through Arkansas and Oklahoma on the trip to add those states to my list. We are going to Arizona in March so that will be a new state and include Cubs spring training. We’ll probably hit a couple of other places as well. The traveling is getting good.


I’ve taken in several concerts this past year. David Allan Coe, Country Music Fan Fest, Black Stone Cherry, Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley/Sara Evans, George Strait

I’ve seen several great movies this year as well – Rocky 6, Clerks II, You Me & Dupree, Pursuit of Happyness, Talladega Nights, Little Miss Sunshine. I haven’t seen that many films at the theater in one year in a looong time and there was some I left off the list.

I wish everyone a safe and happy new year. We are about to head out to the Blue Man Group.

I’ll talk to everyone next year.






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