My body hurts

Today I decided to go back to the gym and get a head start on getting off the weight that I keep complaining about. If I’m going to be in the BMFers, I should do my best to be a BMFer.

I went 62 minutes on the treadmill today. I put in 3.5 miles and 840 calories.

My knee and foot are real sore but I got through it. In the past, I wouldn’t push myself past the pain in the knee and foot. I would quit. I think a big part of getting in the 62 minutes today was the mp3 player that Stacy got me for Christmas. Instead of relying on reading the closed caption on the television, I had music to keep me from getting bored.

I did 10 minutes in the sauna afterwards to try to make the knee and foot feel a little better.

We’ll see how this goes. Hopefully it is successful.






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