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I’ve been a very busy man here of late. I don’t like schedules that are so hectic that I can’t find quality time for the woman that I love so I won’t say that it has been a great time.

Until the last few days, the only time I’ve gotten to spend with Stacy was the Sunday dinners with her family and that has been the way it has gone since before Thanksgiving. If it wasn’t me being sick for a week, then it was her having several papers and finals for school and then it was wrestling related activities. Blah.

This past weekend was two shows. The delayed debut in Rock Island and the return to Midlothian. I had to do airport runs and that was fine. It was a fun trip to Rock Island getting to hear Low Ki and Corino stories from Japan. The Rock Island show was off the charts intensity. Jimmy Jacobs made another surprise appearance and it led to two confrontations between us. Jimmy Jacobs must have a death wish to keep coming back but he begged Ian for his job back and Ian left it up to me. Jimmy offered to work for free and I told the world that I’d “pay free every night of the week to kick Jimmy Jacobs’ ass” so I guess that means he has a job back. I’ve told Josh to finish him off to get full fledged membership into the BMFers. We’ll see what happens.

Midlothian was a very difficult day. It got started several hours early due to troubles at the building and then just kept getting longer. We had a good turnout, could have been better but overall it was good. I thought the show was good but some complained about the length. Get over it because we have a curfew now.

Sunday was dinner and movie with Stacy and her parents. We went to see Pursuit of Happyness. Great movie. It was very touching and I almost cried during it. Definitely a movie that I would recommend to fans of dramas and feel good true life stories. I get home and find out that the ring trailer broke down and was unfixable. Time to look for a new trailer since Ian is out in Baltimore through the new year with his family.

I tell Mickie and them to show up at my house late Monday night so we can get the new trailer at a place in Morris. I believe in keeping my money in my community and helping local business. Later that night, I meet Stacy and go to her friend Jamie’s for a birthday/Christmas party. It was Jamie’s 30th birthday and she was leaving for Europe the next day so it doubled as a Christmas party. It was really the first interaction on a social level with Stacy’s friends and it was a fun time. We talked and played Scattergories. I didn’t know what time Mickie, Joey and Maniwa would show up so I left the party at 10 to be home when they got there.

Tuesday was finally some alone time for me and Stacy after a long day at the trailer place. We looked at a few flat open trailers but then I decided to give a look at the covered trailers to give better protection to the ring and a chance to have a moving billboard for IWA if we get the sides painted. Look for the new trailer at the next show. I think it is snazzy looking. Then it was the hour drive up to Stacy’s. I stopped and got her some flowers on the way. We went to eat at Baker’s Square and dollar bowling. I bowled a 154, 113 and a 122. We didn’t have any trouble with the people bowling next to us and it was just a fun time. I wish more days could be like that minus the having to buy a trailer.

Tonight was Christmas with Chris and his wife Karen. We went over there and exchanged gifts. Chris liked his Hart Foundation 2 pack and 2 Hogans. Karen liked her hot chocolate set. I liked my Cubs polo shirt and Cubs watch. Then it was off to Subway before going to see Rocky. The new Rocky movie is awesome. It is very similar to the first Rocky and dammit, while I was able to keep from crying during Pursuit of Happyness, I was not strong enough to avoid crying during this one. The flashbacks with Adrian and Mickey were too much for me. They kept it realistic and moving and emotional. I will definitely be seeing this one again no doubt and hopefully the second time around, I won’t cry!

I guess that should catch everyone up on the latest happenings. Off to win some badges at the games on with Lottso and bowling!

Good day.






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