James Christopher’s first birthday party

Yesterday was a very long day. I woke up at 8 am and got on the computer and did a couple of surveys and stuff on myspace before heading into town to meet Chris for lunch. He was supposed to meet me at Wendy’s at 10:15. I got there at 10:10. I waited. I waited. I waited some more. 10:30 rolls around and in pulls Chris. I give him an “about fucking time!” which is our usual greeting at Wendy’s and he bitches about his wife’s cousin. The guy was going to paint Chris’ kitchen and living room and was supposed to show up at 10 so Chris could leave to come to lunch. The guy showed up at 10:25. I guess IWA time is contagious! We eat lunch and discuss the Bears, White Sox and Cubs along with some other things and then I take off to stop by the house and load up birthday presents and drive to Louisville.

I stop in to the Toys R Us in Champaign on the way to see if I can find any last minute items and they have nothing. I continue on the trip and don’t have any problems until south of Indianapolis. This car keeps flying past me doing 90 and then gets in front of me and immediately slows down to 65-70. The speed limit is 70 and my cruise control is set at 77. I get very cranky when I have to kick off my cruise control. I would repass the guy and get about a mile or two in front and get back over and then he’d come flying up doing 90 or more and pass me and then immediately slow back down to under the speed limit. This happened 6 times. I was not happy to say the least. It was almost another “exit 95” incident but I held my temper and then I get stuck behind a semitruck that takes 7 minutes to pass another semitruck. 7 fricking minutes. I hate truck drivers. I have places to go and people to see and I don’t have time to stay behind a semi for 7 fricking minutes while it putters along trying to pass someone. You should have like a one minute time limit passing someone. If you can’t do it in a minute you don’t belong trying to pass anyway. Thankfully, I was able to use Chicago driving evasive maneuvers to eventually get around said semis and the jackass that couldn’t pick a speed was stuck behind longer and I got far enough away to not have to deal with them again.

Ian had told me that the festivities would begin at 6 pm and I rolled in at 6:05. I was upset because I don’t like to be late. EVER. I’m early. Anyway, James Christopher is asleep so we watch my AWA DVD. I loved watching AWA when I was growing up. I was an AWA, NWA, World Class, UWF fan growing up. I didn’t like Vince McMahon and his candy ass bullshit then and I don’t like him even more now. I guess things don’t change all that much over the years. Vince comes off like the fucking piece of dog shit that he is on the DVD but they do their damnedest to bury Verne Gagne right beside Vince in the piece. The wrestling business needs NWA, UWF, World Class and AWA now more than ever. I miss the good old days when wrestling was actually worth watching on television. Anyway back to the party. James Christopher wakes up and the party begins. Here are the pictures:

James Christopher kept trying to put out the candle by headbutting the flame. Yeah he doesn’t have hardcore wrestling in his blood!!!


He kept looking around like he was saying “you guys know better than to let me have at this cake without someone feeding it to me” and when he realized that he had it all to himself, the mess making began:






It was time to give the baby a bath immediately following the cake eating. I then gave him his presents from me. A stuffed Grinch, Max with antler and the book “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” He was playing with the Sesame Street bag I had the gifts in more than the actual gifts. Here is a picture of James Christopher with the birthday presents:


That concluded the birthday party festivities. Ian and myself had a long powwow on the future of IWA and things we are going to be doing. Let’s hope that a new year can turn around the low attendance.

It was time to get some sleep since we were leaving early early early. Got a little sleep and then 8 am rolls around and it is time to head to O’Hare. I drop off Ian and Mickie so they can go wrestle in Germany and England this weekend. My opinions on working outside of IWA Mid-South are well known but I have to say, going to Germany and England would overrule that rule. Not as quickly as Ireland or Italy would but just the same. Anywho, it was then time to drive back home.

Lots of internet looking up for things and then a trip to Wal-Mart so I could hand pick my gifts from grandma for Christmas.

Time for bed or damn close to it anyway.

I guess that is all for now.

Good Day.






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