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I am over my severe bacterial sinus infection. Thank God for good doctor prescribed drugs. I’m not a good straight edge person when it comes to not being able to breathe or do anything at all because of constantly having to blow your nose or cough disgusting stuff out of your throat. The infection had caused my throat to swell to where it was difficult to swallow food or talk. It was just unbearable. People that know me, know how miserable I have to feel to finally cave in and go to a doctor…a specialist none the less for a first time appointment. Damn that was expensive but so worth it in the long run. Breathing is essential to life come to find out.

Yesterday was a fun day. I helped Chris move furniture from his house to his in-laws house. It was a cold and eventful chore. Evidently, his father in-law had no idea what was going on since his wife neglected to tell him. Chris and I load up a chair and a stool into his grandpa’s S-10 pickup on the first trip and Chris goes and punches in the code on the garage door and lets me in to the garage to put the stool down while he goes back to get the cushion from the chair. His father in-law hears the garage door go up and comes out to the garage to see what the hell is going on. Then he sees me standing in his garage holding furniture and gets a “what the fuck is going on and who the hell are you” look on his face. Then Chris comes walking in with the cushion and explains what is going on. Luckily this didn’t occur in Kentucky or I might have been shot! It takes two more trips to finish with the furniture moving and then it was time to watch the rest of the Bears game.

Bears win no thanks to Rex Grossman who must be color blind these days. 18 turnovers the last 7 games. Horrible. Either run the ball every damn play between Jones and Benson or put in Griese already. The Bears can’t win in the playoffs with the QB going 6-19 for 34 yards and 3 interceptions. Their defense is good but they aren’t that damn good. It is good enough to beat the Vikings and the other miserable teams in the NFC North but not playoff teams. They have 4 more games to get Grossman back to his September form or put someone else in there.

I went to Stacy’s parents’ house after the game. We went to Romine’s for supper with her parents and then we went to see Borat. That movie was so out there but so entertaining at the same time. Some of the comments he comes off with put this movie in Anchorman area but it wasn’t quite as good as Anchorman. There was one disturbing scene that I have to give them kudos for doing. It was a shocking disgusting revolting scene that you think is going to last maybe 10 seconds but they stretch it out to like 5 minutes. It just keeps going and going so it goes from being revolting and disgusting to just being hilarious at how absurd it is. I know it is incredibly late in its run but if you have a twisted sense of humor and haven’t seen the movie yet, I recommend it.

James Christopher turns 1 year old on Thursday. I will be going to Louisville for the festivities. I have got him a stuffed Grinch, stuffed dog with reindeer antler from Grinch and the book How the Grinch Stole Christmas for his birthday presents. Have to get him ready for Christmas you know. It just doesn’t seem like he is that old already. I can still remember holding him for the first time and being all smiles like it was yesterday. He’s got a mouthful of teeth, walks all over the place (he stumbles around like Pops most of the time which makes it even more adorable), and you can make out some words that he is trying to say. Now to just get him to say Jim!

Interstate 80 was shut down for all day on Friday and there was a 70 mile stretch of cars that were just stuck on the interstate running out of gas and food. We never would have made it to Rock Island so it was a good thing that the shows were canceled. People still bitched, showing that dumbasses are still alive and well in the world. I already went on that rant however so I won’t relive it again. One jackass though got on the message board and said “it is 40 degrees and sunny in Indianapolis today.” Too bad all of our wrestlers were snowed in and not from Indianapolis though. You’d have a show with 4 or 5 guys on it and then you’d bitch about that. In the immortal words of Jimmy Dugan from the movie League of Their Own – “Use your head. It’s that lump about 3 feet above your ass.”

I guess that is enough rambling for now.

Good Day.






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