ranting Jim is back

I have a few rants that I am going to go into: one is about Christmas shopping…the other is about how much I hate people.

Yesterday was the first time I went out of the house in a week except to go to the doctor on Monday. Those that saw me at the show in Midlo last Friday saw how shitty I was feeling. Well I’ve been worse all week until yesterday. I went to eat at Wendy’s with Chris because he had a couple of things to give me as last birthday presents…namely a cool tshirt that says “My favorite team is the Bears…and whoever is playing the Packers.” I then decided to head over to Wal-Mart to do some Christmas shopping.

Time for the first rant. Christmastime means a shit load of customers in the store buying things so come time to check out, every line is backed up to the gills. I had 5 things – a gift card, two boxes of Christmas cards, a single Christmas card and something for Stacy. Of course, I go to the express lane checkout aisle. Not every lane is open and only one of the two express lanes on the end I parked on is open. The first lady in the line has a fucking shopping cart full of stuff. Half is for her…half for her mother. Both over the 20 item limit. Then she has coupons and questions and so it takes forever. Of course, I have to blow my nose something fierce…my arms are full and anarchy is reigning supreme from assholes that can’t follow rules. The lady in front of me however is a real doozy. She is all kinds of pissed off that the lady in front has over 20 items and is slowing down the line. She has about 50 fucking things in her cart though!!!! Don’t bitch about others breaking the same fucking rule that you are breaking and doing so even worse. She’s on the phone bitching to Wal-Mart bitching that more lanes need to be open. Then her husband calls as she gets to the counter and she’s bitching about being late even though she’s going through the express check out because of how slow everyone is. I could have been out of there 10 minutes earlier and been able to breathe if it wasn’t for jackasses like her and the other lady. Again, don’t be a hypocrite and bitch about someone doing the same damn thing you are doing…it just makes you look that much worse. Excuse me while I take a break here to blow my nose again.

Ok. Now for the second rant. I post this as Jim Fannin, human being, not as Jim Fannin associated with IWA. If these fucknuts have the right to express themselves, I have the right to an opinion as well. Patti posted on the IWA board that people are bitching about the shows being cancelled on other message boards. I stopped reading other message boards a long time ago when I got tired of people with the IQ of used toilet paper thinking that because they are on the internet that they are smart about wrestling. As I look out my living room window, there is 4-6 inches of snow on the ground. Here are the photos of outside:

images gone 🙁

I should go outside with my severe bacterial sinus infection and shovel my car out of the snow and risk having it progress to pneumonia so I can drive all over the place for these shows. I just left the kitchen where my grandma had on the news. 15 inches of snow in the McHenry area and it was still coming. Hey Thomasellis and Ben Jordan – fuck a foot and a half of snow! Get in your car and drive three hours in bad weather to Rock Island for a wrestling show that will have 5 fans show up in this kind of weather. I don’t even want to imagine how bad it is in Michigan but hey guys: Don’t worry about the shitty payday, risk your life so those fucks that aren’t even going to go to the show can’t bitch and make jokes about a show being canceled. They just said on the news that O’Hare is shut down cause a plane slid off the runway. That means that Low Ki, Roderick and whoever else was going to be flown in wouldn’t have made it or would have been delayed a helluva long time. Then we would have to hear those same people bitch and say how they were never booked or make jokes about no shows. Yeah I stand by my quote from earlier this year of basically telling them all to go to hell. I fucking hate people with a passion. Like how a friend of mine had all his money stolen from them at Wal-Mart the other day by looking away for two seconds. People just waiting for an opportunity to steal a purse or wallet and ruin someone’s fucking Christmas. These kind of people add absolutely nothing to society. They all need to be done away with to make the world a better place.

Yeah, every single weatherman in the midwest could have been wrong and it could have not snowed a drop in the entire area and we would have looked like goofs. But they weren’t wrong and I would always rather error on the side of caution. I would much rather look goofy and be alive than run a show and have a bunch of fans and wrestlers hurt or killed due to accidents in bad weather. Perhaps one day when the 14 year olds and the pissants on message boards have an ounce of responsibility they will understand that sometimes you have to look at the big picture and make a hard decision. We never want to have to cancel shows but why risk everyone’s life and lose our ass right before Christmas just so a bunch of assholes can’t make a few jokes. I’m tired of ranting. It is making me more clogged up and my head hurt.

Good day to those that understand and have intelligence. Those that are assholes and bitches – who cares what the hell you think.






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