Thanksgiving is in the books plus Cubs thoughts

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and it was quite the busy day for me. I got up around 8:30 and sent out a lot of Thanksgiving comments on myspace. I helped my grandma off and on but not very much.

People started showing up a little before noon including the cousin and her kids that I didn’t want at the house. I stayed in the living room and watched the end of the episode of The Wire that I was watching On Demand and then I turned on the Lions/Dolphins football game. It was time to eat and I pretty much let everyone else get their food and sit down before I got my stuff so I could decide where I would sit to be away from people I didn’t want to be around. Well the unwanted clan didn’t sit together. Two sat at one table, one sat at the other table and the boy went into the living room to watch the football game. I shook my head and grabbed just a little bit of food and then went to the living room and ate even quicker than I normally do. I then got rid of my plate and went to my room so I could get ready to go to my other grandma’s.

I said goodbye to my grandma and took off to town. I pull up to the other grandma’s and my cousins were outside deep frying a turkey in the front yard. I bullshitted with them for awhile and then when the bird was done, I went inside to see everyone else. I sat in the kitchen and talked to my grandma and my Aunts Sharon and Judy. Stacy showed up and we went into the living room while everyone else ate and visited with the other members of the family. It got to be 3 o’clock and the little girls (cousins) were starting to get rowdy so we took off over to Stacy’s parents’ house.

We have reservations at the Rockwell Inn for 4 pm so we pretty much leave as soon as we get to her parents’ house. Stacy’s mom and dad, grandpa, brother and his girlfriend, Stacy and I go to the Rockwell. I have never been to the Rockwell in my life. It is the ritzy restaurant in town. I’m still a little full from eating my meatloaf sandwiches at my house. I decide that I’m not up for the buffet so I just stick to Diet Coke and the conversation. We go back to her parents’ house and play some pool and some scrabble. My big word play during the Scrabble game was using the word “bored”. That got a chuckle from the others. As I explained later to Stacy, the person losing is responsible for providing the comedy and entertainment or else they are just a waste of space. We only play about 30 minutes of Scrabble before it is time to head to the movie theater to watch the new Tenacious D movie.

I laughed at parts of the movie and was shocked at other parts. It was Stacy, her brother, his girlfriend and me that went. They enjoyed the movie more than I did but they are heavy metal music fans and obviously were Tenacious D fans going into the movie. If you are a Jack Black fan or a Tenacious D fan, you’ll love the movie. If you like comedy, you can get through the movie and have some enjoyment. If you don’t like Jack Black, if you are a religious person or if you don’t like jokes involving boners – stay away from this movie.

I promised Cubs talk in the subject heading and almost posted without getting into it. I guess I have a few minutes to spare. I can’t believe that the Cubs have went out and spent over $200 million this off season with promises to spend more. I never thought they would have ended up with Lou Pinella as manager and then Alfonso Soriano. When was the last time the Cubs got the top free agent on the market in their prime? I don’t think it has ever happened. They need 2 more starting pitchers with talent though or all this spending will be for nothing. I don’t know who they could go and get free agent wise because I’m not really sold on any free agents. I wouldn’t mind seeing Maddux back again. I still need to see him pitch as a Cub since I missed out on my chance last year. Maybe they can make a blockbuster deal for Dontrelle Willis or something. I just don’t want to see all this spending go for naught especially with the Tribune close to selling off to 2 billionaires in California ranked #42 and #112 on the Forbes list of richest men in America. If they buy the Tribune and get the Cubs and see that spending lots of money has no greater success than being middle of the road in spending, they won’t spend the big money and just use the Cubs to make a huge profit like the Tribune company has for years.

Well I’ve been up since 4:30 am for some reason and I have to make an airport run in about half an hour. I guess that means that I should get dressed and head out to get some gas and find some damn sinus medication. I’ve been stuffed to the gills the last few days to where I can’t breathe…yet I can’t blow my nose to clear it up because it won’t leave my body.

That is all for now.






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