what’s happened to LJ?

I have to say that it saddens me to see the lack of blogs on my friends page when I come here. I can’t complain however because I am just as guilty as everyone else of not updating this thing.

I don’t ever have anything to rant and rave about anymore so I am not making three posts in a day like I was at times in the past. There just really isn’t as much to say when I’m happy and things are going well.

Friday night Ian and I went up to Rosemont to get Brian Urlacher’s autograph on my helmet. Ian got him on his Butkus helmet. They added Devin Hester at the last minute so I got him on my helmet as well. My 2006 Bears helmet now has Mushin Muhammad, Bernard Berrian, Tommie Harris, Tank Johnson, Robbie Gould, Brendan Ayanbedajo, Devin Hester and Brian Urlacher on it. I could get Thomas Jones on it tonight but I’ll be in route to Louisville and unable to make it to that signing.

Here’s a funny little story about Saturday night. Stacy and I went to a new place in Morris called Chapin’s restaurant. It was a classy little place and very nice. The chicken parmesan was great. We took too long eating however and missed the first showing of Will Ferrell’s new movie. We decided to go to Wal-Mart and such to kill the two hours till the next showing. We couldn’t kill off all two hours so we went to Romine’s and then when it was time to head over to the theater, her car wouldn’t stop. Dead battery. We had to call Mickie to come in with my car and give us a jump start. I then had to give Stacy a jump start in the morning because her car wouldn’t start again. Her dad took her out to Wal-Mart though and got her a new battery so hopefully no more car troubles for now.

Sunday was Ian’s day at the autograph show. He got Cal Ripken, Rickey Henderson and Pete Rose. We went to Gibson’s Steak House after the show and I am highly disappointed. I ordered a Big New York Strip Sirloin and paid $40 for my steak. I asked for it to be well done because I don’t have fangs and I’m not a vampire so I don’t eat blood. The chef’s version of well done was no where near what well done is. Ian warned me before hand that chefs in these kinds of places refuse to cook well done because they think it ruins the meat. So I tried to eat what I could of it and it just made me want to throw up and sick as hell. We then went into the bar area and watched Dallas vs. Indy and Pete Rose sat at the table behind us. Ian and Mickie went over to talk to him and Ian told him about the Classics figures and how he should try to contact Jakks and get one made since he was a WWE HOFer. Pete Rose gave Ian his phone number and told him to call with more information when he gets it. So if Maniwa or anybody reading this has contact information for Jakks Pacific, let me know.

Yesterday was yard work day around here as my grandma decided that I had dragged my feet long enough on getting up the leaves. So it was leaf gathering and burning day. Today was clean out the eaves day.

Ian and I went to check on a building that listed in Mazon as commercial property this morning. It was a fricking house! Here I had my hopes up of getting a building within 10 minutes of my house and then nothing. I will keep my eyes open though and hopefully come across something.

Thanksgiving dinner is coming up and I’m not looking forward to it at all. My grandma notified me that her niece is coming and bringing some of her children. I say some and because 4 or 5 of them were taken away from her years ago by the state because she was a horrible mother. My mom used to babysit for her and she would leave the kids with my mom for days at a time with no one knowing where she was or if she was coming back to get them. She then had several more kids and somehow managed to keep them. I don’t feel like spending time talking to her or meeting her children that I haven’t met in the 18 years that they have been alive. Holidays are time for family and friends…not strangers and people you don’t like. I will be only making a cameo appearance at my house before leaving to go in to my other grandma’s and then out to eat with Stacy’s parents and Stacy.

I guess that is about all I have to write about it.






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