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Well today marks the 9 year anniversary of my being involved in IWA Mid-South in an official capacity. It was November 7, 1997 that I was a security guard for the debut show in Lexington, KY. My two friends at the time, Ben Rich & Les Johns, co-promoted the show with Ian. Les used the money that I paid him to rent out his basement so I didn’t have any extra money to be involved in that capacity but I was on security for that show and from that point on, I was always something on an IWA show until becoming promoter a few months later. Sometimes it seems like a million years ago…sometimes it feels like just yesterday. I still can’t believe that I’m doing something that I sat on the couch watching with my dad when I was four years old and just dreamed about doing. Getting to meet Tommy Rich, Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk, Bobby Heenan and countless others that I grew up watching with my dad is still unbelievable to me at times. Any time that wrestling gets on my nerves (and due to that cocklick Vince McMahon, it is basically any time I turn it on tv), I just remember watching with my dad and thinking that somewhere he is looking in and getting a kick out of watching me raise hell and kick ass.

Well tomorrow is the big 30. My grandma and my aunt Faye will be gone having left for the cabin. I will be driving down to Louisville to pick up Ian and Mickie for the trip to Orlando. I went to visit my Grandma Dorothy and Aunt Sharon yesterday. They gave me money for my birthday…with that along with the check that Grandma Ada left for me, I was able to ride with Chris up to Northbrook and get the Bears autographs on my helmet. Tommie Harris and Bernard Berrian have now joined Mushin Muhammed, Brendon Ayanbadejo, Robbie Gould and Tank Johnson on the helmet. Brian Urlacher is next at the Sun-Times show in a couple of weeks. Chris gave me an awesome birthday present last night. It is a tshirt with Calvin (of Calvin & Hobbes fame) wearing a Bears hat and pissing on the logo of the Green Bay Packers. Great stuff.

I’m about to go vote, go to Pizza Hut for lunch with Chris and then it is off to DeKalb to see Stacy. I haven’t seen her in nine days and it feels like 9 months. Dollar bowling tonight!

In closing, for everyone reading this, Joey Eastman is running a charity wrestling show the night before Thanksgiving with all the proceeds going to the Children’s Hospital. I don’t have all the information but I’m sure you can find it at or by checking out Joey Eastman’s LJ or myspace. This was the one show that I greatly considered doing that wasn’t affiliated with IWA in my career. However, due to a certain person being on the show, I will have to pass on this show. I will wish Joey the best and my gift to the show will be not going and starting a war in the dressing room. But everyone else that doesn’t harbor grudges for a person that shit all over what I hold dear and will one day have to pay the price for that, go out and support this great cause.

That is all.






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