The week ahead

Well this weekend has not been a great start to the week of the 30th Birthday Bash.

Morris got drilled 31-0 on Friday night to get eliminated from the playoffs. 3 shutouts this season when we had only gotten shutout once in the previous 30 years. 7-4 is not a great for the first season of kids that never played under Coach Darlington with this coaching staff. I hope it isn’t a sign of times to come.

Also on Friday was the ridiculously low turnout for the Queen of the Death Match tournament. Those girls took an ass whipping and they deserved more people there to witness it.

Saturday was a little better in the turnout department but still not great. I had to leave shortly after the show to get the Canadians to Midway on time for their flight. I dropped them off at 4 am and got home about five minutes before five.

Grandma was just getting ready to leave for the cabin so I did get to see her before she left. I went to bed and was awoken by Vince Jones calling to get permission to keep the hotel rooms on my credit card. What else could be done so I said ok. Damn the small turnouts. Vince McMahon should be shot for killing professional wrestling. Seriously. Who wants to go see a show with people that they don’t know when the stuff they watch for free on television is a flaming pile of shit? The majority of people just assume that it will be as big of a crapfest or even worse. Oh for the days of good wrestling on television 10 years ago.

I stay awake and watch an even bigger crapfest on television in today’s Bears game. 31-13. Embarrassing. 5 interceptions and a fumble by Grossman. 9 INTs and 3 fumbles in the last three games for Grossman. Not Good. Not Good at all.

I was looking forward to getting the five Bears autographs on Monday and Tuesday night but after this weekend, I think I’ll pass. I can get the autographs at some other time I’m sure.

Stacy has lots of homework to try and finish before the Florida trip so I won’t be going to visit her until Tuesday. 9 days away seems like an eternity I tell ya. Dollar bowling is on the horizon and I’m looking forward to it.

Wednesday is the birthday and the drive down to Louisville to pick up Ian and Mickie and then Thursday is the flight to Florida.

I’m taking my camera. I’m taking lots of pictures. Expect one helluva long update when I return.






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