Yesterday was damn good

Yesterday was a very long day. I woke up in Louisville at 7:30 eastern time and Mickie and I left the casa de Rottens at 8:45am eastern time. It was rainy and crappy outside and we stopped in Sellersburg at MickeyD’s so I could get me a sausage egg biscuit and some hashbrowns. I then drove across the street so Mickie could run in and see her sister at BK while I ate. It was back on the road and contending with people driving like they were aliens because it was raining a little.

We got to Indianapolis and stopped at Staples off exit 103 and got some copies made of the Queen of the Death Matches and Tag Team Death Match shows for Plainfield next weekend. We dropped said flyers off to get passed out in the Brownsburg area around the building. We immediately got back on the way to Morris.

We arrived at my house around 2:30 and I bought some airline tickets for the shows next weekend and we got cleaned up and were ready to leave for Carlos Mencia. I drove past the high school on the way out of town because I wanted to see how many people were there two hours early for the game and it wasn’t very many. Last year, the place was a carnival atmosphere by noon. I guess that is the difference between 2 10-0 teams on a collision course in the quarterfinals as opposed to 2 6-3 teams playing in the first round of the playoffs. We met Stacy in Sugar Grove and off we went for a night of good comedy.

Traffic sucked and caused us to be a little late getting to the Rosemont Theater. By the time we walked from the parking garage and got inside and to the restroom, we had missed the female comedian that opened unless there was someone before her even. They had speakers going so I could hear some of her act while I was in the restroom. I didn’t miss anything. When Stacy and I finished using the restrooms, Mickie told us how Carlos Menica walked right past her. We took our seats and it was a packed house.

Jo Koy was the first comedian we got to see. He was hilarious. Lots of Asian jokes and Mexican jokes that everyone enjoyed. A dwarf, Brad Williams, was the second act that we got to see and he had some great stuff as well. I had already pretty much gotten my money’s worth for the three tickets out of those two guys. Then it was time for Carlos Mencia.

He did about 75 minutes of material maybe even 90 minutes and he only spent about 3 minutes on the “Dee Dee Dee” jokes and it was complaining about people saying it wrong on the streets or telling him that he does it wrong. He personalized a lot of jokes for the Chicago area talking about Cicero, Aurora and other places. He ripped on New Orleans for rebuilding in the same flood plain and the people for not leaving when they knew a huge hurricane was coming. He finished the show by having a girl get on the stage from the front row and bringing the dwarf back out and having him give the girl a lap dance. It was hilarious stuff. Then he dropped his pants and did a “Candido” and then dropped his naked ass onto the girl and then took off running off the stage. Great stuff all around and I had a great time.

I was exhausted from the long trip down to Louisville and turning around and coming right back so we just dropped Stacy back off at her car in Sugar Grove and continued home. We didn’t even stop to eat at Romines. I came home, talked to Stacy on the phone and saw that Morris defeated Joliet Catholic for a third time in a row to advance in the playoffs. The Joliet paper today couldn’t even recall JCA losing three straight to a PUBLIC school.

Definitely a good day.

I just got down taking Mickie to the airport for her trip to Chikara. I think it might be nap time before spending the evening with Stacy.

Good day.






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