It’s been awhile so here’s a long recap of events

Things have been hectic of late in the world of Fannin. After my return to managing to team up with my old friends Bull Pain and Mitch Page, my life has become complete both personally and professionally. I have great friends. I have a tremendous girlfriend. I have a beautiful godson. I am back to working with two of my favorite people in the wrestling business and kicking ass on every show. I couldn’t ask for things to be going any better in those areas.

Let’s backtrack to the first anniversary show in Plainfield on October 14th. I got a call that morning from Bull saying that he injured himself at the gym getting in one last workout before the cage match against Toby that night. It threw a monkey wrench into my plans and what we had already worked on so plugging “Mean” Mitch Page in at the last minute didn’t quite go our way. However, a few good things did come out of that night. Chuck Taylor got his ass handed to him by Mitch for being an insincere ungrateful SOB. He’ll wish that he lives long enough to regret that. Fannin enemy number 2 made his return to the IWA and I once again had to help out Josh Abercrombie to keep the title around his waist. I like having two of my top three on the Shit List back in IWA where I can periodically get my shots in and make their lives miserable. As for the top of the list in Danny Daniels, well one day our paths will cross and I hope that he has seen that baseball bat shot on Jimmy Jacobs because the man who paid the money for it to happen will get it 100 times worse than the man that took the money. The day will come where I will grow tired of waiting for the paths to cross naturally and I will go looking for my revenge.

I got a call the day after the Plainfield show from “Marvelous” Mitch Rider. He had just gotten out of prison and was looking for another chance in IWA. I told him that I could probably find it in my heart to offer him a spot in the new BMFers. Cash Flo, bless his heart, just has too many other commitments in his life right now to be a full time member. I knew that Mark Wolf was coming in for the next weekend’s anniversary shows and I told Mitch Rider that if he wanted to join my crusade and help me get revenge on one of the losers on my War Games team that I would be willing to give him another chance. Mitch was more than happy to come in and beat up “that retard” Mark Wolf.

The week in between the shows was lots of flyering for Mickie and me. We flyered for Midlo and Harvey and I got an autograph on my helmet of Mushin Muhammed. I didn’t get Rex Grossman, Tommie Harris, Olin Kruetz or Alex Brown but there just wasn’t time with all the flyering and the shows going on. Mickie and I met up with Stacy and her brother and his girlfriend for dinner after the flyering on Tuesday night and then went to late night dollar bowling. That was a lot of fun and I think Stacy and I are going to do it again tomorrow night. I went up to DeKalb on Thursday night to visit Stacy for a few hours before the ring arrived in Harvey and we set it up.

Vince, Mickie and I put up the ring until 6 am on Friday morning when we had to leave to go get Low Ki and Corino from the airport. Corino told me the funniest story ever involving CW Anderson during a tour of Japan. We got back around 10 and went to sleep for about 4 hours. Then it was some more running around for me and then show time. It was a lot of fun picking on Yan and Gerth with the awards that I gave them and then the return of Mitch Rider was just great to see. The look on Mark’s face when I started berating him after giving him his award was great and then *kaboom* the beatdown. Great stuff. Highlight of the night though might have been Ian winning the dance off against Sweeney with a James Brown splits. Awesome stuff.

Saturday was great as well with Bull and Mitch Page making it up to Midlo. We just beat the dog snot out of Necro and Toby and then with some help from Mitch Rider and Josh Abercrombie, finished the beat down afterwards. My grandma was super pissed off however and came up and grabbed me by the belt and shoulders and dragged me out of the arena yelling me. I couldn’t believe it. I almost punched her over it and I would do it too. Stacy stayed with me after the show and we took Dr. Death back to the airport. He is a class act and a joy to be around and had the biggest/thickest hands I have ever seen. I wouldn’t want to be punched by him because his fist would be as big as my head.

This morning I went car shopping with my grandma. She didn’t find anything that she liked to replace the van but I was looking for myself as well in case I decide to get something new before the Honda completely goes out on me.

Well I think I might go to Stacy’s tonight after she gets back from her doctors appointment. Bowling tomorrow night is a must however.

Carlos Mencia is Friday night and as God’s way of letting me know that I can’t have everything in life, Morris plays Joliet Catholic in the FIRST ROUND of the 6A playoffs…probably on Friday night.

We are getting close to the big trip to Orlando to celebrate the big 3-0. Carlos Mencia, Death Match Weekend in Indy and then the trip. I can’t wait.

Good Day.






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