Cubs rant

Well it has been said on the Chicago sports radio stations and then just mentioned on ESPN by Buster Olney that Jim Hendry wants to hire Bruce Bochey as the new manager of the Chicago Cubs if San Diego grants permission to talk to him. This just disgusts me to no end. I stopped watching the Cubs after the all-star game this year when Hendry announced that Baker would finish the season as manager and he kept playing Neifi Perez and others instead of giving Theriot a chance and other similar bullshit. If they hire Bochey, I won’t be watching from the start of the season next season.

This guy has done nothing, NOTHING in twelve seasons as manager of the Padres. He’s made the playoffs the last couple of years because the NL has sucked and gotten killed in the first round of the playoffs both times. He’s had like 2 or 3 mediocre seasons and 1 good one in 12 years as manager. No one mentions this guy in talks about the good managers in baseball let alone the great ones. Why has no one else ever asked for permission to talk to this guy in 12 years if anyone else out there thought he was worth a damn?

It isn’t shocking that Hendry would want to pick a guy like this as manager. He has done nothing but make mistakes as GM so far so what is one more. Why get starting pitching when you have Prior and Wood on your staff? Oh yeah that’s right because they can’t give you a full season…ever. Wood’s arm is ready to fall off and well Prior is just the world’s biggest pussy. As soon as he said he couldn’t pitch in February cause he was still weak from having the flu in December, he should have been sent out of town. Michael Jordan scores 55 points while having the flu and doesn’t miss any games. Prior can’t pitch two months later because of the flu when he only has to go every five days anyway. Hopefully the surgery scheduled for later today to remove the sand from his vagina is a success. I doubt it though.

I love baseball but if the Cubs keep sucking ass, I will have to forget about baseball altogether. I’m enjoying this happiness thing of late and I don’t need the Cubs pulling me back into the cycle of anger and despair due to their sorry ass performances on the field.

Well time to try to go back to sleep before I spend all day ranting about the Cubs.

Hope that people enjoyed seeing the return of angry ranting Jim even though it was over something as unimportant as the Cubs.






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