A great night at the autograph signing

Today started nice and early at 7 am. I had to drive back up to Joliet to get the window fixed on the Honda. I put it down yesterday and it wouldn’t go back up. I had to go down the interstate at 8 am with the window door and boy was it cold. It cost $300 to get fixed. I am seriously thinking about trading in for a newer model. 6 years and 260,000 miles may be enough for the Accord.

Tonight was the trip to Deerfield to get Tank Johnson and Robbie Gould’s autograph. We stopped in Bolingbrook at Cheddar’s on the way up to the signing and then got to the hotel a tad bit early. We went inside and they were selling full size replica helmets so I bought one of those and am going to try to put together a 2006 team helmet. They also had a great picture of Tank Johnson sacking Brett Favre in the first game this season. I bought a 16×20 of that and bought the autograph ticket with an inscription ticket.

We got Robbie Gould real quick as he got there early. We had to wait for Tank to show up. I got up to him in line and asked “would you mind signing this ‘Green Bay Sucks!’ and he was more than happy to do so. It is now the crown jewel of my collection. The only thing that could be better is getting a John Dergo autographed picture of his TD run against JCA last year and having it signed “Joliet Catholic Sucks”…but that isn’t going to happen. Here is the photo of the picture with the autograph…I love it!

image gone 🙁

Good Day.






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