Here is my report on TPI weekend.  I can’t get photobucket to load on either Netscape or Internet Explorer so I won’t have any pictures to post right now of the big ending to the weekend but I will get them up, I promise.

Friday started at 5:30 AM when I just couldn’t sleep any longer.  The anticipation was too great.  I was like the little kid in the Disney World commercial that goes “I’m too excited to sleep!”  So I got up and checked the internet before getting ready to leave for the airport.

The airport runs were crazy.  I show up at Midway at 8 am and pick up Quack, Steen and Generico.  We wait around for an extra 45 minutes and get Low Ki and head to the hotel.  I get them checked in and head back to the airport to get Bosh, Scorpio Sky, B Boy and Scott Lost.  I don’t have enough time to get them to the hotel and get back to the airport so I drop them off at the building and then head back to the airport and get Roderick, Stevens and Davey Richards.  11 for 11 on the fly ins showing up and back to the building I go.  Then it was time to go to Sam’s Club and a bank to get change with Ian and we were like kids in a candy store we were so giddy about the tournament.

Stacy, my grandma and my aunt show up and Stacy helps me sell gimmicks all night along with Troy and I got to meet the Australian guys (great guys and some dedicated wrestling fans.)  Gran Akuma vs. Low Ki was just off the charts brutality and I was saying to everyone that a star was born in Gran Akuma after that match.  Great heart shown and he gave it back to Low Ki and almost went the distance like Rocky.  I liked everything night one but I will admit that I was not really thinking about night one at all.  I had gotten my call from Josh Abercrombie telling me that he could live up to his end of the bargain so I put in my call to Mitch and Bull and made our plans for night two.  Stacy, my grandma and my aunt went back to Morris and the rest of us went to the hotel and I roomed with Maniwa and Jon David.  It was great just getting to hang out with Maniwa and we talked until about 4 am before we finally called it a night.  I had things to do at 9 am but I was worried that the wake up call wouldn’t come from the front desk so I woke up at 6:30 Am and just kept opening my cell phone to check the time.

Day two then starts on 2 and a half hours of sleep and I start my running.  Then at 3:30 I get a call from Bull and Mitch saying that they are broken down just outside of Indianapolis.  I jump into grandma’s van (with all the guys I had to get at the airport I needed the bigger vehicle) and off I go to Indianapolis.  I’m on the road at 3:40 and going 80-90 MPH once I got onto I-65 after going down Cicero to 30 and going across 30 to avoid the potential toll road construction traffic I make it to Indianapolis at 6 PM.  I get some gas and Mitch and Bull hop in and we turn right back around and head back to Midlothian.  80-90 MPH and we get close enough that we can slow down a little and wait it out.  I keep in contact with Josh and he assures me that he lived up to his end of the bargain and that he was about to go to the ring.  Bull, Mitch and I whip into the parking lot in my grandma’s van and go into the locker room.  The looks on people’s faces in the locker room when I walked in with Bull and Mitch was gold baby.  I threaten some people and have them watch and the match and let me know if Josh gets into any real trouble in the match and needs saving.  I’m told that he is in trouble so I start going towards the ring.  The crowd gets a good buzz created when I rush towards the ring but see that Josh isn’t in need of help just yet so I crouched down behind Vince Jones and watched.  Tyler hits a Phoenix Splash and I ripped Bryce out of the ring and the crowd started going nuts.  I kept yelling at Bryce that there was no way I was letting Tyler Black stay in IWA and then the place really came unglued.  Jimmy Jacobs comes in through the back door and attacks Tyler and helps Josh get the win.  I get in the ring and thank Josh for keeping his end of the bargain and then we duped that dumbass Jimmy Jacobs into thinking that I would be willing to forgive him for his treason and work with him to take over IWA.  The dumbass shakes hands with me and I pull him into a hug and basically give him the Godfather kiss of death and put him into a bearhug and Mitch and Bull hit the ring and the “Fuck You Fannin” chants were music to my ears.  Oh how I missed it.  Oh how I have waited since talking with Bull, Cash and Mitch and putting them together as the Bad Mother Fuckers for the timing to be right for me to officially join them.  Everyone can read the results and hear about how we beat the fuck out of Toby and cost him the IWA title and how we destroyed the new champ and how Necro signed his death warrant.  I will give it to Toby though.  He may be “insane” but he was smart enough to bring in Necro as back up just in case and to help him in the fight.  It won’t be enough but at least he is proving to be a worthy challenge.

I take a load of guys to the hotel and they get into a fight with a girl at White Castle after saying “hello” to her when she walked into White Castle and her responding with “don’t fucking talk to me.”  There is nothing like sitting in a van tired as hell and then watching 5 guys run for their lives out of a White Castle and dive into the van yelling “Go, go, go” while a woman is chasing after them yelling “What the fuck did you just say to me????”  Surreal moment to say the least.  The airport runs begin almost immediatedly after we all get to the hotel since I had to take the first run at 3:15.  I was going to make three runs and be done with the 6 am pickup and should have been home and asleep by 8 am.  I make the 3:15 run but we hit every single red light on the way to the airport down Cicero Avenue and after dropping them off, I got a major pain in my stomach and had to stop at a gas station.  Damn McDonalds.  I can’t make it back to the hotel in time for the 4:30 am run so I trade with Andy Long and have him do the 4:30 and I take the 5 am.  Scott Lost is 20 minutes late for the 5 am run and it causes me to not be able to make it back in time for the 6 am run so I again have to trade with Andy Long and give him the 6 and I have to take the 8:45 am run.  Dammit.  I seriously consider calling and seeing if there is anyway that Vince, Mickie or David Parks can take Quack to the airport in David’s car so I can go home but I decide that it wouldn’t be nice to ask them to wait up after a couple hours of sleep and take an aiport run before having to drive back to Louisville.  So I get back to the hotel and it is very late and I didn’t want to wake anyone up so I sat in the lobby for 90 mintues while waiting for Quack.  I take Quack to the airport and finally head home at 9:30 AM.  I’ve been awake for 27 hours at this time on 2 1/2 hours of sleep when I had slept 27 hours earlier.  So I was drained.  I call Stacy so she can keep me awake on the drive home and then all hell breaks loose…

Again I don’t have pictures ready since photobucket isn’t loading for me.  Anyway, I get 30 minutes from home when I see a semi in front of me slam on his breaks and swerve at the Weber Road exit on 55 south.  I tell Stacy “Oh fuck” and I start to slam on my breaks.  I then hear a loud smash and see the tow truck that is driving in the lane next to me plow into the side of the van and push me into the wall.  I repeatedly yell “Fuck” into the phone and tell Stacy “I’ve just been in an accident but I’m ok.  I have to let you go so we can take care of this.”  I’m not going to go into a long writeup on this since it is already a long entry.  Somehow, don’t know if it was on purpose or something happened to the driver, but a Dodge Durango SUV came down the exit ramp for Weber Road and came out heading north onto I-55 South and went head on into the tow truck that was in front of me along side me and forced it into me.  The cops told me as I was waiting for cleanup and tow trucks to arrive that they didn’t expect the driver of the SUV to live but they didn’t know if it was something that happened (heart attack) before the accident causing him to come the wrong way onto the interstate or if it was a result of the accident.  Anyway, I stood on the side of the road until almost 1 pm before the cleanup and CSI pictures were done so the tow trucks to unpry the tow truck from the front passenger side of the van.  I was able to drive the van home and got home at 2 pm and went to bed at 3:30 pm and slept till 6 until it was time to get ready for dinner with Stacy and her parents.

It was a nice way to celebrate a month of dating Stacy…almost dying in a car accident and getting 2 hours of sleep after being awake for 33 hours straight but it was a fun time.

I’m going to end this update and maybe later today I can post the pictures I took from the wreck.

Good Day.
Photobucket is finally working so here are the photos.  First off, here are two pictures of the Dodge Durango, the one that caused the accident by going northbound on a southbound interstate.

images gone 🙁

Now for a picture of what the tow truck looked like after going head on into the Dodge and then taking me into the wall.  The big black box looking thing on the road by the guy crouching is the diesel gas tank that got knocked off the tow truck.

image gone 🙁

Here is a picture that shows how the tow truck was imbedded into the passenger side front of my grandma’s van and understand that I was pushed up against the concrete barrier that seperates the northbound and southbound lanes so I had to crawl into the back of the van and exit out the open sliding door to get out.

image gone 🙁

Now for the final picture.  This is what the van looked like after the tow truck was pulled off of the van.

image gone 🙁






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