Morris wins…upcoming weekend

This has been a long couple of days.  I couldn’t sleep last night so I was up to 3:30 am and woke up at 8:30 am today.  I kept trying to send out more friend requests for the IWA myspace page.  I’m going through searches for the Midlo area to try and get word out to as many people as possible.  I’ve increased the friends from 186 to 254 at last check and I have 95 pending requests out there.

It has dominated my time today as well.  Things are starting to shape up for TPI and I can’t wait.  The tournament is going to be awesome and there is a couple of surprises in store for some people that I can’t wait for either.

After I pump up the Midlothian area friend requests, I’m going to start doing it for Plainfield as well.  Maybe it will help attendance there.

Morris had an unbelievable come from behind win tonight.  They were off to another horrible start so I returned home to send out more requests and listen to the game on the radio since I didn’t have anybody with me at the game.  9-0 after 1st quarter and Morris couldn’t move the ball or hold on to the ball.  It was 16-6 in the third quarter with Plainfield getting touchdowns from a fumble recovery and an interception both returned for touchdowns so the defense had only given up a field goal.  Morris comes back to take a 19-16 lead in the fourth quarter but then fumbles on the 25 yard line to allow Plainfield to kick the tying field goal.  Overtime.  Plainfield gets a touchdown and kicks the extra point to go up 26-19.  Morris scores touchdown on its first play.  The commentators talk about the missed extra point earlier by Morris that caused them to not win in regulation.  Coach Dergo calls timeout.  He decides to go for two and the win and Morris gets it and wins 27-26 in overtime.  Morris is now 3-2 and might be able to squeak into the playoffs afterall.  They still haven’t gotten everyone healthy but they have gotten a few of the players back.

Tomorrow is lunch and college football watching with Chris.  Tomorrow evening is bonding time with Stacy.  Sunday is more bonding time, working out, watching the Bears, lunch with my grandma, dinner with her family.  Busy times.  Happy times.

Well a Padre is 3 outs away from a no hitter so time to pay attention to that instead of babbling in the blog.

Good Day.






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