Super Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday, Terrific Thursday

Tuesday I went to DeKalb to visit Stacy.  I had never been to DeKalb but it wasn’t a bad trip at all.  Straight up 47 to 88 and then you are there.  I got to Stacy’s apartment and it was actually one of the building’s where you have to be buzzed up to get inside.  It felt like my own personal episode of Seinfeld.  I have never been to a place that I actually had to use and intercom and get buzzed to be allowed in.  Fun times.  I’m becoming more worldly in my travels now.

We went to her brother’s apartment and dropped off some things and she printed out a coupon for Borders to help her with her French class.  We then went to Borders to get the French cds and some flashcards.  Dinner at Applebees and then back to her apartment to watch Along Came Polly.  I like that movie a lot.  I think Stacy enjoyed movie time as well.  I brought her a dozen pink roses and some Nip/Tuck DVDs since she likes that show.  I also bribed her cats by bringing catnip toys and string cheese.  It was bedtime after the movie

Wednesday got off to a bad start with morning announcements over the loudspeaker for the apartment building.  Free blood pressure screenings and maintenance work to be done.  Stacy missed her classes as we waited around all day for the maintenance people to show up.  Since we weren’t sure when they’d show up Stacy cooked lunch.  Ladies and gentlemen…I ate deer meat.  I ate deer meat and the world didn’t end.  These have just been some monumental weeks of late.  I called my grandma and told her I’d be staying for another day and then after Jeopardy, I took Stacy to the library to get an article she needed for a paper.  We took the picture that is now the default pic for my profile at the Lagoon by the library.  Ian called during this time and left a funny voicemail and I called him back.  We then went to the Fitness Center and put in a workout.  I went 30 minutes on the elliptical machine while Stacy went an hour.  Yep, I’m out of shape and I know it.  Dinner at The Junction and then back to the apartment.  I watched television while she did her paper and then we watched an episode of Sex and the City and then it was time for bed.

I took Stacy to her class this morning and then came back to Morris.

I’m not sure what the plans are for this weekend just yet but I think I’ll be going to an autograph signing with Chris on Saturday.  Ian and Mickie will be coming up Saturday to wrestle for Dysfunction and then be heading to my house so we can start the ad blitz for TPI.

I’m very tired and just want to crash before Jeopardy.

Good Day.






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