Finally getting around to doing the Zoo update

I have finally uploaded the pictures from the trip to the zoo for Maniwa’s birthday bash from two weeks ago.  Cut me slack, this is really the first time I’ve been home with time to do it in the two weeks.

I have 44 pictures so if you want to see the pictures from the zoo…click on the link after I make the pictures of James Christopher easily available for all to see.




The trip to the zoo came on the day after the death of the Crocodile Hunter so it was the talk of everybody at the zoo.  The first picture that I took at the zoo was of a white alligator.  Fitting I think.

These next two pictures are influenced by Stacy.  She is always telling me that “the polar bears are dying Jim…they’re dying.”  So the most important stop of the day for me was to see the polar bear so I could take its picture and show Stacy that the polar bear was ok.  I also bought her two stuffed polar bear animals from the gift shop.  Here are the pictures:



Since Stacy is concerned with the plight of the polar bears, I also took a picture of a couple of bald eagles since they are dying too.

Since I am an alum of the University of Kentucky and their mascot is the wildcat, I took a couple of pictures of some wildcats.

Here are some other forms of “wild” cats that aren’t the same as the mascot for UK:

Next up will be the portion of the pictures that I took influenced by the fact that I am a Cub fan.  Plenty of Billy Goats and other goats at the petting zoo portion.  Some involve Joey becoming friends with a goat and Adrianne’s nephews having fun at the petting zoo.  I was going to make a comment about a Donkey show on that picture but since Adrianne’s very young nephews are in the picture, I won’t go there.  Here are the petting zoo pics:






Next up is a picture I took due to my love of Toys R Us.  I’m a Toys R Us kid afterall.

Giraffes are a favorite animal of mine but my absolute favorite is the elephant.  Great memory, symbol of the Republican Party and it can cause a helluva lot of damage when it goes on a rampage.

Joey likes elephants too and he wanted to be able to “ride a pachaderm” at the zoo.  Mickie pissed him off by saying that he was too big to ride one but Joey proved her wrong!

I am also a fan of penguins.  I guess maybe it stems from the fact that I liked watching Chilly Willy and Tennessee Tuxedo cartoons when I was a kid or maybe it was the Bud Light commercials with the penguins while playing Frank Sinatra’s “Strangers In the Night” song with the “doobie doobie do” part at the end of the song.  Either way, I like penguins and here is a picture of a group of them:





Next up come the gorilla pictures.  We made fun of Joey all day because the big gorilla’s name at the Louisville Zoo is Jo Jo.  The other pictures are of all of us and how we compare to a full size gorilla.  Joey is damn near a gorilla!

Now here are some random pictures of different animals.  My favorite is the picture of the camel.  Kids this is what cigarettes do to you 🙂

To finish the update, here are some group photos.  I hope you all enjoyed the pics as much as we enjoyed ourselves while doing all the pictures and just having a good day at the zoo.






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