Weekend update

Friday night was Gory Days 2 in Plainfield.  I thought it was an outstanding show.  There were a couple of real good matches on the undercard and the two main events were just outstanding brutality.  Watching the BMFers just kick ass in the 6 man tag was a thing of beauty.  Ian and Mickie had to leave to go to Philly after the show and I headed home.

I got home about 4 am and stayed up until 6 am fiddling with the computer.  I didn’t want to risk sleeping past the alarm but I just couldn’t stay awake any longer.  The alarm went off at 8 am and I was up and at em for the day.  Showered and dressed for the wedding renewal for my Aunt and Uncle in celebration of their 40th wedding anniversary.  I called Stacy and she was running late so instead of picking her up at her parent’s house, she was just going to meet me at the church.  I stopped by my grandma’s and Aunt Sharon’s just to say hi before the service and then left for Joliet.  Mapquest gave me faulty directions so I was driving all over creation while talking to Stacy trying to find the church.  I finally just gave up and started driving in a direction that I thought I might be able to find something familiar in and lo and behold, I found the street I needed.  I made it to the church and got Stacy the proper directions to where she arrived right in time for the wedding.  We went inside and I introduced her to the family and we sat down for the service.

The reception gimmick was held at Golden Corral buffet and we sat with my Aunt Sharon, Grandma Dorothy, Aunt Betty and Uncle Dick.  In the ackward but still funny as hell moment of the day, Stacy was talking about working out and how she’ll have to have an good workout since she was eating at Golden Corral.  My Aunt Sharon then says “I bet Jimmy gives you a good workout.”  She meant that since I know a bunch of wrestlers that I had given her a good workout plan for the gym.  That isn’t how anyone else at the table took it however.  Ian and Mickie and others that know me could picture the look on my face and the 12 shades of red after the comment.  We stayed for awhile and then said our goodbyes and I took Stacy back to the church so she could pick up her car and then we drove to my house.

Stacy had a coupe of emails to send out for school and I had to print out the TPI flyer and eventually we left to head towards Streamwood to give flyers to Ed Chuman to be passed out at his show.  We stopped at a Staples and made the copies and after traffic and such, we got to Streamwood right before the doors opened.  We dropped off the flyers, said hello to MsChif’s husband, Chuman and Joey Eastman and left to go eat at Rainforest Cafe.

We came back to my house and even though I was exhausted from just being on 2 hours of sleep, we stayed up till 4 am before I finally couldn’t stay up any longer.

I missed most of the Bears game today.  They are playing well so far this season.   Romine’s for lunch.  It had been quite awhile since I’d had my Should Have Bean There Burger.

I think it is going to take a week at least to recover from the past few days.  I’m not complaining however.  Good times.  Good times indeed.

I’ve decided on Orlando for the birthday bash.  If I get the plane tickets in the next couple of days, Chicago to Orlando is $59 one way which is a great fare.  Once I lock down an okay period of time from Ian based on their schedule, the tickets will be bought.

Well time to collaspe in bed and hope I wake up in time to get some work done before Grandma returns from the cabin in the afternoon.

Good Day.






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