one week of happiness and the world hasn’t ended yet

Just a quick update since it has been awhile.

I have about 80 pictures on the camera so far from the trip down here to Louisville.  We went to the zoo for Maniwa’s 18th birthday so most of the pictures involve the zoo and the chicanery we committed there.  I won’t end up posting all 70+ pictures from the zoo but there will be quite a bit.  It was a fun time and I was able to procure some polar bear photos for Stacy and I got her some stuffed animal polar bears.

Speaking of happiness and thus speaking of Stacy…3 phone calls this week – 73 minutes, 45 minutes, 72 minutes.  I don’t think I talk that much on the phone in a month let alone a week but it was all well worth it.

We are late heading out for Iowa for the show tonight.  Then it is over to Morris so I can check the score of the Redskins game against Oswego and get clothes for the Mayor’s wedding.  Then it is off to Louisville tomorrow morning for the wedding.  Then back to Morris immediately following the reception in order to go to Miranda Lambert on Sunday night and mostly so I can spend some time with Stacy in person before being gone yet another week.

This happy, smiling, all is right with the world version of Jim Fannin is something that I could definitely get used to!  There are several people that should write her thank you notes for saving them and the rest of the world from my wrath for the time being.  As long as everyone minds their p’s and q’s and doesn’t rock the boat, we should all be able to get along and go along without any trouble.

To the fans of the evil hateful pissed off Jim, I am sorry.  You had your time in the sun…now it is time for the other side to have some fun.  Trust me however, I will do my best to not completely forget about you and give you some material.

Good Day and keep your fingers crossed for Morris to prove that the victory over JCA wasn’t a fluke since Oswego was our main rival back in my day when I was a Redskin.  Wins over Oswego and JCA in back to back weeks would make for a happier environment.






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