more wrestling pics thanks to Maniwa

I got up this morning and rode my bike across the bridge to go visit my Grandma Dorothy and Aunt Sharon.  4 miles in and walking the bike over the river bridge.  Had a nice hour long visit with them and then rode my bike back home.  I made it all the way over the bridge riding the bike so i was proud.  I didn’t almost have a stroke like the first time I tried it.  I made it with just a little bit of trouble right near the top.

I’m putting off doing the lawn cause I hate that but it needs to be done.  I might put it off until Sundayish though since tomorrow is wrestling and Saturday is Kenny Chesney concert with Ian and Mickie.  My grandma will be upset but oh well.

Maniwa sent me a couple more wrestling pics last night.  One of them is the picture requested by someone in the last post I made asking for pictures.  It is the return of the hideous purple shirt with the purple and white asinine tie.  Oh how I loved that outfit and the easy made heat it provided.   The other picture is from the night of the loser leave IWA cage match when I went to the commentary table and cut a promo on the DVD while Hero’s music was playing telling everyone watching at home to cherish the song and the moment and the memories cause it was going to be the last time they heard it and could see Hero in IWA.  It gave Allison Danger goosebumps.  I’m glad Maniwa found a picture of it or at least what could be a picture of that.  Anyway, here they are.  As with the last time, if you have any pictures or now where any are – send them along cause I’m too lazy and get yelled at by my grandma if I take enough time to search all over for them!










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